1. 17% MAC and Cheese from BE is so so perfect idc what the terp levels are. 🤌

  2. The MAC and Cheese is amazing bro I just picked some up for the first time recently. Amazing strain

  3. The first place you find him is where you find the map for the Altus plateau near the capital, he will leave there after you talk to him.

  4. Did you end up finding where he went? Looking for him myself, havent found him yet, or anything by the name Goldmask :(

  5. After the atlas plateau one he moves again, have you found where to?

  6. Same thing happened to me. It's the charger that comes with it, that's the problem. Used a different usb charger and it worked like a charm, the red light popped right up.

  7. There’s no Kroger or Kroger stores in my area southeast Pennsylvania any ideas where I get can get this somehow

  8. That's a normal filled cart minus the small bubble from it soaking into ceramic. All mine look like this pretty much.

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