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  1. I hope someone finds this and can help you out. Since covid started however everyone is trying to capitalize on stuff like this. I have had great luck getting fit and increasing strength with body weight exercises and using found objects like water jugs etc. It tool me a long time to realize that lifting heavy things was simply just that, regardless of what they look like. What weight range are you looking for?

  2. Does she use a phone? iPhones and android devices have screen readers built-in. Personally I prefer an iPhone because it’s simpler to use in a way, but you can still do everything you could do on android.

  3. Agree on Blackbird. Also Shining Girls, while is not so much like mindhunter, but has a really interesting and unique take on serial killers.

  4. The fact those 2 officers were reinstated is nothing short of infuriating.

  5. Great work! I’ll never understand how such a great show that was such a success isn’t moving forward with a 3rd season? It’s only in Netflix’s best interest to do so!

  6. Ok so I’m gonna be honest here! I wasn’t trying to troll, shouldn’t have used that word and I apologize! I was born in 1969 and things were very different back then. It wasn’t uncommon for a parent to get physical with there Child if he or she Stepped out of line. My parents did hit us a few times growing up and it did make us think twice before we said or did something wrong. I’m not saying I agree With it, I was only trying to be funny but I now realize it wasn’t and I’m sorry.

  7. That’s the most absurd excuse I’ve ever heard in my life! It’s not his real reason he cheated, he cheated cause he’s an asshole who doesn’t deserve his wife! Fuck him for cheating and for trying to put it on her! Hopefully you two don’t have kids together!

  8. Pitties are awesome and so misunderstood! I take my blue Heeler to the dog park every day and I’ve never met a pitty I didn’t adore! Screw the haters!

  9. 6 days! Went on a new medication and could not sleep at all! It was a trip!

  10. At night I lock my car Manually because I live in an apartment and I don’t want to annoy or wake my neighbours but at the same time If I hear someone’s car beep while locking there car I could care less. First world problems for sure!

  11. At 53 following a divorce years ago and several relationships since, I’ve just kinda lost interest! Not saying I’m happier but being single is a lot less stressful!

  12. Only a year? That new bearing should last at least ten years. So, it’s probably not. Wheel bearings should last over 100,000 miles. From experience. Unless it was crap part. If you’re over 100,000 it may be a Something else. Those parts I mentioned. Look under the car and see what shape the boots are in. The one you find blown out and leaking? That’s where the part has died.

  13. I don’t know much about cars and parts and it actually might be more than one issue?

  14. Take it in for an estimate. They usually don’t charge for an estimate. They will tell you if you have critical problem or not. (They, being independent shops.)

  15. I go to Currie tire on lansdowne, I’ve brought my truck, my work van, and my grandparents Prius there numerous times and always had a good experience

  16. Try calling or going into Master Mechanic's on landsdowne. Great guys and you can let them know your situation and they might give you a break or maybe even a payment plan.

  17. Call your local shelters and describe the situation and ask if they can help. You might be surprised and find a trainer who willing to volunteer some time. If not I am sure you will find little or no cost classes.

  18. People can do as they like but it always amazes me that when a man suggests an open marriage I hardly ever hear a woman say go to hell and then file for divorce!

  19. Hit the nail on the head. I's extremely unattractive from my standpoint if they don't realize this. See kids on profile pictures=instant pass

  20. This sounds like a horrible decision! How can you be truly you if he doesn’t like anything you like and always belittles you? That isn’t love at all!

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