1. I can’t believe the amount of people who spell tale wrong when sharing pictures of the book itself. It’s driving me nuts. Like every day on this sub lately

  2. I have about 25 I’d say. I pick a new one up every so often at value village

  3. The Spice Factory is a pretty sweet low key/cool spot for weddings

  4. Oof. Unless it's supposed to look like that, that centering looks bad. No offense OP

  5. No offence taken, I didn’t make the card :)

  6. I’m selling by consignment a rpa bones noir card /99 in perfect shape on ebay right now. Last bid is like $20 so far

  7. I’ll check that out - thank you!

  8. No way! I had never even seen this one until I saw it in my local shop today!

  9. Yup. That's one of the nicer ones right there. Never saw this one, thanks for sharing!

  10. Really dig the photo they used for this one

  11. Thanks dude! It really is a sweet photo

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  16. Just like the collection and drop your wallet below

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  19. Loosen up those wrists!!!!! The build up right at the start will be much easier

  20. Ooooh yes, thank you! My brain hasn’t quite figured that out yet but I’m workin’ on it lol

  21. $300-$5300 for tickets. Not surprised, but holy mother fuck.

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