1. Report it stolen. If anything is done with the pistol it can be traced to you and "I lent it to a buddy and he won't return it." is a great way to get arrested for whatever the gun was involved in.

  2. “No officer, I did not provide the murder weapon, I just let him borrow it and he wouldn’t give it back.” 🧐

  3. Lol get away from this man child sis. The reason he dates inexperienced people (sry no offense) is because women his own age smell his bs and stay tf away from him

  4. Kind of thought the same thing. All of his exes are in their later 20s and still close friends with him but he says the reason it didn’t work out is because “he didn’t want them.” But I partially feel like they just didn’t wanna deal with it and weren’t as easily manipulated lol.

  5. They look great! If you’re looking for advice, I would say work on getting the shape a little more uniform. The solid grey nail is perfectly shaped! The paint and cuticles looks perfect though. Really good job!!

  6. Its absolutely ok giving out any sort of gift to your colleague during Ramadan, and I am sure it would mean a lot to your friend. Back home, if I was to visit someone during Ramadan, I would make sure I would bring along some traditional Arabic sweets (Kunafeh, qadayef, halwa Jubn, etc), but any sort of dessert would also do. For Eid (the week after Ramadan ends) traditional Arabic cookies (Kahk) are the go to.

  7. Nope, normally you eat sweets first to break your fast. Kurma/dates (which Islamic teaching suggest) is sweet. And people add sweet tea, sweet juice, sweet snacks and/or chocolate. Like athletes trying to get a quick energy burst.

  8. Good question and I’ve got an unusual answer. My cannabis use has helped me to see that there’s a lot more human potential that goes unchecked by most in our modern global culture. It’s revealed to me just how much I don’t know about consciousness itself, which had helped me tremendously to open my mind to how and why so many ancient civilizations seem so spiritually focused. It’s now obvious to me that there are “other worlds” that interact with us here in subtle ways that modern scientists largely shy away from due to the fact that it takes a lot of inward observation and techniques that most aren’t willing to explore. Like meditative states. I got to illegally meditate inside the great pyramid in Egypt once and from that experience alone I can assure you that there are subtle energetic effects built in to a lot of the structures there.

  9. This is cool, don’t get me wrong, but does anyone else just kind of sleep on the Ptolemaic period 😅

  10. I landed on scorpion island once and I was so bad at trying to catch them I only got 2 and passed out like 40 times.

  11. George Sr chicken is my fav. That’s what I’m teaching my 10 month old a chicken sounds like.

  12. I’m more of a Lucille, “a coodle doodle doo, a coodle doodle doo” person myself

  13. No, the troll is (literally) under a bridge in Fremont, which is about a mile away from here

  14. The American police force is in such a sad state, their allegiance to white supremacist groups is usually the other way around 🥲

  15. Is there a reason you aren’t house training her? Are you taking her outside at all?

  16. I didn’t know that about silver. So it just gets eaten away into nothing like rust does to iron?

  17. It just becomes really brittle, and ancient silver won’t keep luster like ancient gold does without a little restoration work. Which is why it’s surprising to people to learn that silver jewelry (and copper & brass) was actually pretty common in like, Ancient Rome— it’s just that the gold pieces survived best.

  18. I stay in them constantly across the world, I must be one of the lucky few that never had a bad experience with AirBnb

  19. Yeah sounds pretty lucky. The problem is a bunch of Airbnb hosts have decided that they don’t want to put any effort at all into their spot and just rake in the money. The last place I stayed was a small 1 room in Dresden with my husband. We paid a cleaning fee but there was a required cleaning list. So we did everything on the list before leaving (it was a 3 day stay) but left two unwashed wine glasses near the sink. The asshole owner emailed me about how he shouldn’t have to work on a Sunday and why would I leave wine glasses for him to clean. Like, mate, wtf. Before that I’ve had way too early checkout times (9 am!?) and other nonsense that just gets pushed upon you after checkin.

  20. Hotels offer not only better service but also better prices these days. At least in Germany.

  21. I've never married Leah as I always go for Elliot, but she's pretty cool and super easy to romance

  22. Yes apparently there are hundreds of other clubs, but they’re hard to find when everyone is relentlessly shilling only Berghain and similar clubs.

  23. Lol okay, I will just be here waiting for word to spread. Maybe the cost of housing will decrease when everyone hears about the grumpy tourist that couldn’t get into Berghain.

  24. You Berghain people are the ones who keep writing “you should look like someone who’s okay with seeing gay sex in the open to get in” ;).

  25. Lol I’ve literally never heard anyone say that that before you wrote it. And of course there are other options than Berghain. Berghain is one club of hundreds.

  26. How do you keep it from sliding out the side though? Sorry I don’t know anything about making jewelry, but I love to see people work!!

  27. First of all: I don't understand why Breaking bad is so hyped.

  28. I think the first three seasons of BrBa were really good. Then everything after Gus dies is a complete waste of time. They could have wrapped up hanks story before that really easily. Everything else was not worth the time it took to watch.

  29. As someone from the Uk I thought this was an okbc leak at first

  30. Yeah, I’m in the EU and really confused. Is BCS not already on Netflix? Man I would be pissed lol

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