1. Had a game yesterday against a danz chacc duo littlerally had to sit under t2 at 7 min incause I was getting ulted on cool down under tower by both, my supp says play back while hes on solo side like how much back do I have to get when they take t1 at 8 min and no one rotates to relive pressure?

  2. Idk any 22 year old who sleeps for more than 5 hours

  3. I hate the notion of kill stealing in Smite. There's enough abilities, potions, relics, and teammates showing up that if you can kill them you kill them. Never is it ideal to watch your hunter or whomever try and finish off someone solo.

  4. I would mostly agree but having first blood get taken by supp throws a lot of pressure away after that idgaf but my first blood is nitro tho the lane .

  5. Grew up in Georgia to this day I cannot eat peaches anymore because we had three trees in the front yard so peach pie ,cobble, canned, jammed ,jellied , candied , dehydrated in thev trail mix fuck me and fuck that slimey fuzzy fruit

  6. Why the fuck is tomatoe on bottom of you burger .

  7. On the top ??????? Why would you put the juiciest part on the thinner bread closer to your hands ?

  8. Yea it's legit. Mid and jungle are very important to the flow of a game and a mid that isn't doing so well will need the jungles help to stay in the game. As a result the whole team suffers. Jungle is very much a macro facilitator. In that their rotations provide opportunity in lanes for favourable fights. The jungle can't be everywhere and farm too. That means the lanes need to be aware of their agro and rotations. But they never do so the blame falls into the jungle. I would say it's a thankless role but it's nowhere near as bad as support.

  9. This is how I feel on a good supp game constantly ccing getting that sweet sweet double early lets me get scepter and rotate to wherever I want, just brain off nuisance working in tandem with a good jung nothing feels better you feel like you just tapped into the zone the jung lights up in the paths you need like a golden road to victory.

  10. Do marijuana subs also get pledged with posts of weed asking what strain it is?

  11. Overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer

  12. Always tell them "Happy Cakeday" and give them their special cakeday updoot. Even if they're an attention seeking little shi- ahem... I mean...

  13. I wonder if the squirrel in the tree is refrencing the one that runs up and down the world tree in Norse mythology

  14. Have you ever hoovered schneef at a Halloween party?

  15. has beads been really delayed for anyone else lately? playing on xbox on controller here

  16. Relics on console is like a coin flip if they even work

  17. yeah they’ve been inconsistent for years. but for a week now i’ve been experiencing it waaaay worse for some reason. i would’ve chalked it up to just me but i’ve had 2 other random people in game also say their beads are super delayed

  18. Yeah they definitely have been getting worse just played a game where I beads 2 ne zha ult but jankess ensued.

  19. If you have a costume you get candy period full stop

  20. Even susuke isnt the og sasuke it hie from the yu yu

  21. Honey mustard , or mayo ,or ranch depends on the dry.

  22. Drathrace 2050 one of the best parodies out there

  23. Every time I bring up Ladyhawke people look at me like I’m insane.

  24. I used to watch this every Friday followed by knights tale and princess bride cozy memories

  25. You can ignore a lot of damage with izanami dash if timed right, the amount of nu wa ults ive ignored is criminal , dodging ares ult , juking yimir freezes ,da ji pulls . she gets a lot of hate for being braindead but I think she really has a lot more going for her if you can utilize her dash properly ,the diffrence in a good and bad iza at higher level is how efficent their dash is.

  26. Nah not make up but my bros do be looking a little cuter ngl , like they got a warm glow around them .

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