1. To loose harrison on a free would be criminal, great news.

  2. How many of them are flops? So much money wasted.

  3. Nothing like arguing with a peasant for 300 orens, walking around with 14000 in change and 12 swords asking a peasant for 6 more coins to make it worth your time knowing you're gonna do it anyway.

  4. Honestly feel so bad for him. His devotion to the source material, his love for the character, the effort he put in. All ruined because of terrible writing

  5. To be fair to him he's come out of the witcher squeaky clean, fans love him. The writers now have to deal with the backlash and declining interest in the show.

  6. They have to deal with fucking up the un-fuckupable.

  7. Its daunting taking on a project that has always been of the highest quality (books & games). But they didn't utilise any of it.

  8. He's old and not as mobile as he used to be. Not limping, but he was incredibly stiff with his movements.

  9. Probably why he didn't last long, comes in, hits his moves, leaves.

  10. I swear he had about 5 suitcases too unless they were someone else’s.

  11. Probably just his notes for the u21s past games.

  12. Everton top 2 candidates were Bielsa and Dyche... 2 of the most conflicting styles you can get. Bad situation.

  13. Not the worst thing I've ever seen... but I've also seen roadkill after a few summer days.

  14. How tasty can a slab of imitation meat be? You're not gonna capture the texture and flavour of a real steak so why don't you just make something else. A vegetable cooked decently would be better than this shit.

  15. U know u can do sports and eat healthy while playing videogames, or also be overweight while not playing at all.

  16. I think the point theyre making is that at 3 years old, the human brain is just developing. Exposing a child that young to video games like this is not healthy and can lead to bad habits and possibly worse.

  17. The proof of the pudding is in the flavour, not the presentation.

  18. Really, there's no other RPG I've played that has had me questioning my decisions weeks later.

  19. A few RPGs have tried, fewer have come close, none have matched the witcher.

  20. It's so beautiful I've been waiting my entire life in one spot to watch for this one whale to pass by. Here, let me turn my back on the ocean while I explain it to you...

  21. As if Dyche could take this high pressing team and stick then in a deep lying 442 overnight

  22. Preaching to the choir mate. The current status quo is a fucking mess.

  23. A WWE network type model would be a massive hit in the UK, a monthly fee and you get live broadcasts of the all the games, highlights, documentaries and old games to watch over.

  24. I'll wait for the verdict and charges, then hope I never hear about this motherfucker again in my life.

  25. Society does have an issue with giving exposure to those who thrive from it without deserving it. Without an audience, Andrew Tate would shrivel away, a fitting end.

  26. Correct - but I think it’s an inherent, emergent part of being human. We are social animals and we like gossip and communicating about all things good and bad.

  27. Very valid points, we can't help but slow down next to an accident to see the carnage.

  28. NTA, he really needs to buck his ideas up, fast.

  29. I think that must be from the main Gwent game, that added a ton of new options

  30. Couldn't get into that app game, too different from the original mini game.

  31. Northern realms, heavy on the seige with the leader bonus to double, spies and resurrections, its simple work, but someone's got to do it.

  32. Watching this when I was about 14 on BBC4 (I think?) Got me into Nirvana, they showed the last 48 hours of Kurt Cobain first, great evening.

  33. I have made it specifically clear in the post with the edit, their driveway was not blocked.

  34. Maybe do as it's not their property, just somewhere they park, nothings assigned, its on street parking.

  35. I can't upgrade to a sauropod, im too poor for that

  36. You'll just have to xp farm until you can get it the honest way.

  37. trust me i don’t like tate at all lol i’m not falling for any of his shit but i do believe the money side is real, it’s insane how much money you can make and how easy it is to make it online.

  38. Dude he made it from human trafficking women who hes sexually exploited for profit.

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