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  1. Unless I'm missing something, Heart has no need to stay, swap that with nearly any other Science card for better results

  2. I'm chasing Pika myself, but what Cephs are you looking for?

  3. Atlantis is hard to get rid of for any significant limlegs. I'd keep the SoA's and trade for those cards specifically instead of hoping Atlantis will be useful in upcoming trades

  4. Shinigami Spinosaurus The Cretaceous period Refraction Artificial intelligence Enenra

  5. I'm assuming that this is just going to get buried since we're already 6k+ comments in, but for anyone reading, just hear me out..... this is the ultimate "fuck around and find out"

  6. I offered a 1 to 1 limrare trade, guy countered with a 4 to 4 limrare trade that we both had duplicates of. AWESOME! Sent friend request to attempt to do it again........31, I will repeat, 31! We traded 31 times, 4 to 4 limrare of duplicates that we had that the other needed. It was GLORIOUS!

  7. I have come to expect the worst from people, friends, family and coworkers. As such, when they do something that finally warrants cutting them off, it is a "yep, expected that" kind of feeling, instead of a betrayed and self doubt kind of feeling. It is a double edged sword though, use this ability sparingly.

  8. I'm not a huge debuff fan, I've always enjoyed the motto "beat fire with fire", as such, I hate cards like Shini, Chrono and Anti......with that being said, it is an absolute turn killer and can drop my 600 point attack down to 450 from that card alone. God forbid they drop Shini at the same time, they then still have 1 fully powered, non debuffing card that is probably going to hurt lol

  9. You’re seeing the sun through multiple holes in the clouds

  10. You get my free award (silver) and my upvote simply because you had to edit 7 FREAKING TIMES! All of which are hilarious after reading the comments! Thank you for your (almost ending) patience lol

  11. Work on tidal wave. Sharks are a great place to start and then move into cephalopods like another poster said- they’re the strongest collection in oceans. Eventually you can grab cards like Cthulhu, Thibaud’s Treasure, and even Kraken. Crystal jelly if you need to cut energy cost.

  12. I'm a big fan of Stingray also for oceans decks, PJS is solid, goes in most of my oceans decks!

  13. I'm not sure how rare Easter Eggs is, but I can say that I have never seen anyone actively looking for it lol. Initial thought process would be yes, absolutely accept that trade.

  14. Farts are always funny, yes we are still children and no I do not want to eat my veggies!

  15. Any collection that you see as enjoyable. Then draw those packs until you either draw a limleg or the card(s) you were hoping for. Good luck!

  16. I've found that patience is key. I managed to trade my Mermaids up to a Dutchman, 1 trade/ 1card at a time. Just be patient, keep offering it for slightly higher trades. Someone will want it, just be patient

  17. Oooh I feel this. I bit my nails so bad they bled until my late twenties. It took so long to break the habit. I finally managed to do it by stopping one finger at a time rather than all at once but it was incredibly difficult

  18. I can't say that I've completely stopped biting my nails, but it is a rarity now and I really only do it when one of them gets a small tear. Then it becomes a nail warpath and I bite all of them off. Then the process restarts. I'll focus on not biting 1 for a few days, then add another, then another. In about 10 days I'll be down to only biting my pinky, then stop that until one of them tears or gets a small rip on the side, rinse and repeat the same filthy process again

  19. Possible options to trade out for: Celebochoerus (Paleo - LimRare) 2/19 Draw - this card loses 8 permanently and your other cards in hand gain 6 permanently. Stingray (Oceans - Legendary) 2/10 Play - your cards in hand gain 18 this turn Yangtze River (Oceans - LimLeg) 3/12 Play - this card gains 20 permanently Play - your other cards in hand gain 10 until played Play - your Three Gorges Dam card in hand gains 70 this turn

  20. nice, I just got it as my first mythic too

  21. Yeah.... you wouldn't have gotten me out of my 3 jackets, 2 pairs of thermals, 2 pairs of socks, 2 pairs of gloves and at least 1 lucky if I even got out of the car lol

  22. How about an "apologies I am just trying to earn my daily rewards" chat option lol

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