[32F] Please rate me

I don't need it, I don't even necessarily want it, but I've got some cash to burn so I'm gonna get it.

  1. Beautiful body is a beautiful place. Thanks for sharing πŸ‘

  2. What does your significant other think about the lifestyle?

  3. Good luck, never done it, but we have entertained the idea. If you think there might be impacts on your relationship having one on one sexual enjoyment with a girl, why do you think it wouldn't have effects if you had a threesome?

  4. If we dive right into a threesome, my bf will be there so it feels like we are in this together. I agree one on one feels more risky than a threesome, but if it helps me prepare for a better threesome then maybe the risk is worth it

  5. No first hand experience here of course, but I personally think it would be more fun and hotter to watch your first experience live as it happens.

  6. OMG no it is not! ❀️❀️❀️😍😍😍

  7. Super sexy, and well written πŸ‘πŸΌ. Thank you for sharing 😘

  8. No, can't tell lol. Beautiful body. Thank you for sharing 😘

  9. I don't think it is the place to be, but that is a beautiful body 😘

  10. I think it would depend on who I’m with! But typically I enjoy getting eaten

  11. What is your favorite sex position? Super Cutie ❀️

  12. It does sound like a trap... Maybe a fun trap though? 🀣

  13. It’s a guy with no girl. That doesn’t sound like fun to me.

  14. Depends on the details of your religion. Christianity is too broad of a statement of your religion to know for sure.

  15. This is a legit realization and concern I never would have considered as a guy lol. Welcome to Reddit. It's a crazy place 😜

  16. Yeah, leaving the fur down there is much easier and more lady like. Own it, Girl 😘

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