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  1. Horny people be getting the injection and going Ultra Instinct.

  2. Yes I’m horny. I want an injection.

  3. It’s literally in the Bible. Corinthians 13 verse 2 or whatever. It’s in capital golden letters. It says CHER IS EVERYTHING. Don’t question gods word.

  4. That could have been the devil at work. Maybe Jesus was taking him home.

  5. You will love this - her dinner party tips, with the unforgettable "unwashed hippies with dirty feet" quote. Google if you can't read this, a hoot :)

  6. She’s right about the vodka thing tho.

  7. Yea so the young actresses get drunker than they planned around the psychopath CEOs and all the people in recovery relapse. Awesome plan.

  8. I mean I like vodka and it was a light hearted joke. Sorry you went through that. Not everything stated on Reddit must be desconstructed and evaluated. It’s just a joke.

  9. Omg there’s gonna be a new Hunger Games. *GAY GASPS

  10. I’m really confused. I come from a normal family. Education was not overly important or anything. Just normal. I took AP classses in high scool. Dropped out of college. But after winding road returned to bachelors. Eventually masters. I hated writing papers like everyone else but learned so much. That’s his you synthesize info you’ve learned backed with research. I never once considered cheating. I don’t understand this. Why pay to go to school to learn but then not do so👀

  11. Went on a wikipedia tangent: apparently this is the exact spot they were shot. There's a tiny plaque you would miss if you didn't know what you were looking for haha:

  12. Thanks for posting this. Empathy can be hard when we the masses are being fed outrage. It becomes easy to demonize people on either side when we don't view them as humans with lives and experiences that led them here to this moment

  13. Um they literally stormed the capital and people were killed 👀

  14. They were adults by then. Sadly their fathers were often still in their lives. Once I remember abusive father came to visit. She was a young adult. I was astounded. The patient consented tho and we’re not a jail. It was insane. I learned a lot at that job.

  15. I used to live in Tampa. I was visiting stopped by first watch. It was disgusting. Like the butter in the bread tasted rancid. Used to Be a great brunch.

  16. I like Watch but haven’t been in a year or so. Never been there for anything but breakfast, and it’s pretty hard to fuck up breakfast.

  17. Oh well they fucked it up lol. I’ll give it one more chance when I’m back in town. I hate spending money on bad food.

  18. Does anyone have a concise explanation on why pt 2 is so hated. I played both and loved em both.

  19. I love the last of us. The first game really impacted me. I didn’t hate the 2nd one. But the first one I felt was very human. The 2nd one I kept saying why are they doing this why are they doing this repeatedly. It’s like horror movies where the woman runs upstairs instead of out of the house lol. I don’t remember exact examples cause it was awhile ago but I remember being perplexed by the characters decisions repeatedly.

  20. I can’t remember feeling the same but that definitely sounds like in good faith critique and not just hate to hate so I can respect it

  21. Yeah I didn’t hate it at all. It was amazing. But also sad. I hated the end but not cause it was bad it was just sad 😓

  22. It’s a saline solution. It doesn’t burn and if you have allergies it’s a Fucking godsend.

  23. No ty. I won’t even fly into st barths. I take a ferry. I’m adventurous but not that adventurous lol

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