1. I go 120km/h on the roads at times but one time my fuel tank collapsed as well as my driver side door and both my fenders after hitting a ditch funny

  2. He looks edited to be that comically short looking

  3. Maybe things like the Datsun 100a, 1st gen Toyota HiAce, or maybe even something like the Mazda B2200. It doesn't seem like there are enough normal trucks, or many rwd trucks either

  4. Going to get the Satsuma registered for the rally but got stuck at Fleetari's. After I got it unstuck, the spectators all spawned, and I thought oh god, I need to get there before I get demolished by a rally car, or even worse, start the rally late. So I started driving quicker, and I'd say somewhere between the Dance Pavilion and the town, I was going about 120 km/h when a rally car manifests 30 feet in front of me, giving me no time to react. I slammed into him head on and about half of my car shot onto the dirt. Surprisingly I didn't die but at that moment I wish it killed me

  5. Either Jokke hanging himself or the house/Satsuma catching fire

  6. I think this is unironically a house somewhere in Ohio. The only source I can think of is the fact that I went to a house exactly like this like 5-8 years ago. It was as blank-slated and empty as the image shown

  7. Completely killed off everything good about the original show just to make it "inclusive" by replacing the good characters with black people and possibly doing the opposite of what they were intending. Fucking ridiculous

  8. totally, i think there was one episode the s2000 and the rx7 just kept pace with one another until they felt it was too dangerous to carry on, epic.

  9. Both the S2000 and RX-7 would constantly try changing things regarding their tunes, tires, etc. But every single time they would get the exact same lap times

  10. Nah mate it's probably just wearing and an uncharged battery, I'll need to look into it again

  11. I need a new head gasket? Do I need to remove it in order for the new one to show up at fleterries?

  12. Yeah, same thing happened with the alternator. Didn't show up until I disconnected it

  13. I got the gun but for some reason every single time I've tried losing the police the 3 stars instantly come back. And ideas as to how I can get rid of them?

  14. Yeah, I think it was some time around the 2nd to 3rd

  15. Dont worry buddy that's ok , all countries ran by clowns

  16. I give it a 9/10 because no F1 wheels also Acid trip car

  17. they abt to downvote u to oblivion for this lol

  18. I forgot this was my own comment and came close to downvoting it

  19. It's near the wrecked Gifu at Fleetari's

  20. You look like one of the extras of a Dhar Mann video

  21. When you try to isolate yourself and try to be distant to see if someone would actually care but instead people lecture you on how you're isolating yourself

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