[Serious] What stole your joy? Why do you not have the same zest for life that you once did?

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what is slowly phasing out in 2022?

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  1. Wine. The super expensive wines don't really taste any better than mid priced wines. You can but a $15 bottle of wine that's as good as anything else you could buy. Maybe 2% or 3% of people could tell the difference but most people spending the money wouldn't know the difference between a $20 bottle and a $200. It's like people that buy ugly designer clothes because they're expensive.

  2. Bad. He should stay banned. He effectively started a riot and tried to overthrow democracy. He is a danger to sanity and unity.

  3. Because it is bad for raising a family and we are wired to have families. Having sex with many people is almost always destructive to the people involved and to society.

  4. I am still waiting for a real answer. How could you be well educated and work and be poor unless tragedies happened or you live in a cave?

  5. Ok so really bad things happened to you. That’s the real answer. I am sorry you got screwed over.

  6. Beyond the inflation we’re all feeling, groups like Groundwork and the Economic Policy Institute (EPI) argue higher corporate profit margins are responsible for more than half (53.9%) of consumer price increases.

  7. This is the first time I see someone on Reddit link something that is remotely relevant instead of ignorantly claiming things with zero evidence. I commend you for that.

  8. Very interesting how I cite a source that cites two separate sources that come to the same conclusion, but you claim my source is biased and proceed to ignorantly claim things with zero evidence.

  9. I work through a home healthcare company and make minimum wage (7.25$ an hour) they only give me 10 hours a week for two of my jobs, and the third is for the local library and I make 10$ an hour, but only 12 hours a week, I get paid on the 15th and 30th. It ends up being a little less than 600$ a month, but because I'm raising my two younger siblings pretty much on my own and their school is in another town and the bus won't bring them home, it's hard to find a job I can work with my time constraints. Plus I live in a town of around 3200 people and a total of 6 businesses in town, my options are really limited.

  10. That is a terrible work set up. How old are you? Cashiers at stores probably make more than you. Very strange. Move.

  11. Hell no. Being poor sucks. Having money doesn’t automatically make you happy all the time, but it definitely makes you happy to a great degree. You still need other things, but money is very important and the top priority after family.

  12. Don’t intellectualize happiness too much. Identify what makes you unhappy and work to change it. Instead of day dreaming work harder for what you want. As you get going your happiness should increase. If it doesn’t you are fucked.

  13. It’s crazy that to you that’s someone who is old. How old are you 9?

  14. a buddy of mine ate some bad ass and got a stomach flu or something. I'll pass.

  15. Don’t do it unless you are highly experienced and know business very well. Failure is almost a guarantee even if you are capable. Be very csreful.

  16. But how do you get experienced if you don't do it? Everything starts at 0

  17. Work in the field you want to start a business in first. Maybe after 10 years of experience or more you may have a chance of knowing enough. You also need to simultaneously learn about running a business through doing research. Maybe take relevant classes, do market research, etc.

  18. Depends on the teenager. Generally they are delusional, arrogant and have strong views without knowing anything. I am 33 and suffer from the same flaws. Wait what?

  19. Take the time to suffer. It’s okay to cry and get drunk for a while. Nobody will ever understand how you really feel and most people will just say Bullshit to you or tell you to be happy or grateful or some other worthless advice. People resent you for depressing them and generally don’t care about you. Don’t count on others. They only care about how you make them feel. There are exceptions, but you are alone in a meaningful way. Also, it’s your responsibility to fix your life.

  20. Philosophy. If you think that is useless you are right. However I succeeded anyway. I manage stuff now.

  21. It's actually not useless. It teaches critical thinking and employers recognize that.

  22. No they don’t. You can argue that, but they won’t care or agree. I actually do agree, but no business person actually thinks that. Generally speaking that is.

  23. No. Even back then the smartest people were still infinitely more capable than the average person now.

  24. People who think something is wrong with you because you don’t want to talk to them. Have you thought that maybe you suck? Why does it always have to be me who sucks? Although I do suck also.

  25. Just because I'm aromantic doesn't mean I don't feel love. I just don't feel it like others do. I feel love for this earth, for my friends, my life, my pets, but not romantic love. I don't need it to be happy. I'm a very happy man (and relationships sound like hell anyway).

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