1. Nice sprouts!! how's it coming along? All 3 of those sprouts look deadly.. Are the ewok and the orange biscuts worthy so far? I never had a chance to run them all the way..... I'm stuck on the photo train and can't get off.

  2. Coming along excellent. Yes both orange biscuts,ewok and sour crack all look great same with both Quadgrape. Getting down to the last couple weeks till there ready.

  3. Funny how autos outdoor get the cool texture

  4. Been using Topshelfbc(takes creditcards) and Budempire. Been very happy with both.

  5. So he is in a wheel chair and his nickname is "Wheels". Please tell me he has a business partner named Legman.

  6. Topshelfbc or Budempire. Im always happy with my orders

  7. Agreed! Checking in from MB here. We are seeing many Ukrainians settle here but I’m unsure how settlement locations are chosen/determined.

  8. can you take a better picture and upload it to imgur? looks like there is some PM

  9. Growing this right now then pollinating her with reversed QuadGrape pollen.

  10. $79per month with Koodo thats including my phone payment on the xlarge tab. 15g data, unlimited calls/texts ,free canada wide calling.

  11. Checkout Bulkcrop. For the price there AA is has been really good. The BestfriendOG, Hashplant and ChemDeLaChem are great.

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