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  1. Protect this man. I really hope he doesn't disappear or have an accident. His research needs to be protected and shared with multiple trustees. He can't end up like the others before him

  2. Due to glitches and waning interest, it took me 12 years to finish an NCR playthrough.

  3. 12 years!? Playing for 12 years almost makes me wish for nuclear winter.

  4. An underrated Kido use moment: During FKT, tres bestias vs Rangiku and Momo. Momo concealed her psychical presence as well as her spiritual pressure using Kido. Created a "kido net." Also she states "she never used that combinations of techniques before"

  5. I'm turning 34 this year. Wtf happened? Everything feels like it was just last year. I totally agree with you. I'm totally worried about the next 10 years. I honestly thought I'd have my shit together by now. At least I'm working on my self better than I have been in recent years. Anyways, my bad, you got my thinking about things. I hope the best for you and your life.

  6. I mean Karin is just a regular human kid. But you know what, you're right. I shortchanged Rukia and Stark, they should both go up a tier.

  7. I'm be honest. I've been in a some what similar situation. You're relationship is over. DO NOT continue to have sexual relations with her. Do not continue to live with her or pay for her rent. Both parties need to move on and figure things out, regardless even if you think it's the cheaper option. NO No No. At this point, you need to think about your emotional stability. Living and having sex together when not officially together is not going to work out, especially when you to were together previously. Once both parties are done.

  8. Why is no asking about the glue next to the really strong magnets?

  9. Truly magnificent. You captured Gin's open eyes well. The background and clothing, top tier.

  10. I always pictured Depeche Mode in their 40s for 40 years. Like vampires. Old souls.

  11. Look for star notes bro. Your $1 could be worth more.

  12. I feel like she is like Shel for Akame ga Kill. A clumsy person but a deadly criminal.

  13. This is the content I love seeing. Plus that "which group would you drink with?" the other day.

  14. The worst girl, mediocre acting skills, and not funny.

  15. As someone in recovery going strong +2 years. Once may be okay, but if you like it, you're going to want to do it again. Meth isn't amazing. It is what it is. You should just stay away.

  16. Shinji has the greatest theme song, "Escalon." Of course there are other great OST in Bleach, but his always resonated with me the most. Experiencing his drip outfit introduction, along with the hollow mask right into the song, and mere moments later launched his mf CERO. Bro, Escalon is top tier theme.

  17. His eyepatch is to suppress his overwhelming power.

  18. Masaki's chest (Yes, boobs). I don't care that much but I'm just stating facts. My only guess is too why, would be that she was "a high school student" at the time.

  19. Idk why but I thought this was breaking bad related.

  20. He's gonna regret the video once doordash sees it. I can't believe he filmed himself eating it too. He will log on and be deactivated. You're pretty much fired.

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