1. If you call that "going well", then the bar is set incredibly low for the RF armed forces.

  2. Lmao literally losing tens of thousands of men to gain one small settlement. “Going well”. And when Ukraine liberated Kherson it was an “organized fallback” from RuSSia armed forces. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

  3. Clearly fake, UKRAINE bombed that palace

  4. This is highly sus. Maybe something wrong with the methodology.

  5. Lmao RuSSia is trying so hard to divide EU on this matter, their asses are getting a pretty damn kicking in Ukraine. Literally they’re paying parties and politicians all over EU to try and stop our support… poor fascist regime:((

  6. Lmao man you know that you can just shut up and stop making yourself look like a perfect clown?

  7. I’ve never tried shrooms yet, been lurking this sub for a while now, I’m looking forward to try them soo much

  8. Idk where to purchase spores… where I live shrooms are considered a heavy drug, therefore I have to be extra careful

  9. Lol. Sure. Dirty miserable hobo-like Wagners and super soldier crispy clean Ukries.

  10. Have you ever thought they are just better equipped? LOL

  11. Watch any actual footage or not propaganda videos and you'll see that Ukrainians aren't equipped any better.

  12. Bruh. I meant those soldiers are better equipped than Wagner. And yeah, also Ukrainan have less well equipped soldiers. But I won’t call fake a video in which you see well equipped RiSSians, they simply equip better certain units… just stop being so close minded

  13. I couldn't trim by hand right now if I tried. It was bowl trimmer or let sit, and I like to get my stuff packed/sealed as soon as ready. They're really not as bad as some people make it out to be.

  14. Thanks for the insight. I’ve always hand trimmed but helll it can be so long and boring lol

  15. You can find these things already even on mainstream media. You can't see what you don't want to see.

  16. Please, send me links. And all the people I knew and died bc pf covid? I guess they just committed suicide?

  17. It has been reported many times and some country have acknowledged the difference between death from covid and with covid(but other main cause), and hence overreporting.Do you know how many people die from the flu? If you are old, unhealthy and basically kept alive because of constant medical assistance then your survival chances from any serious illness deteriorate.

  18. I just wonder why people don’t have cats instead

  19. Is the flag on his hat Bandera’s party flag?

  20. Surprised there's still Ukrainian holdouts

  21. Surprised RuSSia still can’t get it

  22. Safety first. Bakhmut Bob and Botox are long gone. Silence.

  23. But they’re literally months into that fight and still can’t get hold of the town… second world military power? XD

  24. Ma perché dovete mentire così spudoratamente? “«Non ha una vera politica estera, così come di difesa. Arriviamo sempre dopo gli americani. Le forze di difesa fanno anche politica estera. Siamo in ritardo, se ne parla dal 1954».” Lo dice chiaramente, anche se in modo molto diplomatico

  25. Wow so strange that an invaded country is ramping up penalties to deserters! I wonder what are the penalties on RuSSia side, I guess they just give you a gentle handshake, right?

  26. Thankfully Ukrainian reddit brigade had no casualties so far.

  27. Who told Ukrainans didn’t have casualties? Probably their KIA are in the same ballpark of the RuSSian ones. You’re so pathetic guys, living a Western life and telling how much you’d like to blow Putler’s cock. Just go live in RuSSia, Siberian gulags are awaiting for you

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