1. Seniors can have children tho. And many seniors have grandchildren.

  2. It's an insane ride with so many mixed tones and different quality of acting.

  3. Not bad, but it's the brainiac plot I've seen a bunch, and it's kinda forgettable

  4. I mean... It kinda is in ps4, just scaled down. It's concussive blast now

  5. I feel like they might as wise be different characters

  6. Inc is my go to. Good mix of practical and classic that really works in this world.

  7. "Dick and Bruce aren't as close as him and duke" since when?

  8. Eternal is a good mix between classic and 2016

  9. I'm so mad I didn't have Xbox live when this was still going

  10. I thought this was in my feed and I was gonna get pissed

  11. I don't think it should be nearly as polarizing as it is. It's a different fun way to play

  12. It's interesting that the Robin costume looks like the The Batman 2004 costume

  13. Why is Hal Jordan sucking down Sinestro 's big snake?

  14. I will never get over the fact that Fortnite gets better comic accurate suits than actual DC games

  15. I mean in 09 that was more on less the comic suit but a little more functional

  16. "Once you're out of this phase" god tier biphobia

  17. "once you're out of this phase" is top tier biphobia

  18. I remember being surprised that the looking like Bruce Wayne thing everyone remembers him for isn't even in the main story

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