1. Most of your examples are a bit weird imo. You know it's weird too, or you wouldn't be asking.

  2. The dad moved on from the kid he sees all the time and replaced her with one he doesn't see and isn't taking on a father role for? That seems overly harsh even if the names were literally Petra and Peter

  3. If you're getting a puppy who will grow up with the cat, I wouldn't be too worried. Keep in mind though that that attitude might not transfer to other cats and that this only applies inside the house. Any fluffy thing running outside is plenty likely to trigger a sighthound's prey drive.

  4. I still believe even the outside prey drive is trainable, along with the whippet's notoriously bad recall - it just requires a lot of proofing.

  5. I really disagree on this. Prey drive has been bred into them for hundreds of years; it's in their genes. Training will help- right up until it doesn't. Both of these are risks that I just don't consider worth taking. I've heard too many (first-hand) tragic stories of "well-trained" sighthounds bolting after a rabbit and getting run over.

  6. It reminds me of Belita- except that I think that name is... not pretty and this one is adorable!

  7. I have twin aunts - Melody and Marilee! Neither name was super common back in the 50’s or today, but both beautiful!

  8. Some might not ever be super affectionate. But that will make the little things even more meaningful. The first time (and one of very few) that my ex’s greyhound rested his head in my leg (in bed- he slept there but veeery separate from the people), I felt like THE QUEEN OF THE WORLD

  9. It depends on the individual grey, but my 60 lb grey/saluki mix does great with my 15 lb (very delicate-boned) italian greyhound. Especially inside he's super gentle and careful.

  10. I see the creepy- I think it's because the churchy window and accent carpet create an "alter-like" vibe.

  11. Those are both generally feminine nicknames, though. OP is a guy

  12. I agree with another poster that Evgeny shouldn't be difficult to pronounce passably for anyone willing to put in a little effort. But if you're dead set on anglicizing it, I think that Evan has the most similar feel.

  13. We had this exact experience, but in the middle of the dog park. All of the bystanders thought he was dying

  14. Harper or Hampton would make sense, I think.

  15. If there is a large, good dog park close enough for you to go multiple times a week, that will probably be fine for most. I have a similar living arrangement (actually with a decent size garden, but we rarely use it because it's still not big enough for him to sprint at full speed and he gets frustrated) and we go almost every day May-November and as often as I can persuade him out of the house in colder months.

  16. Gorgeous boys! May Oz look as healthy as Remus when he's a senior 🤍

  17. Happy birthday, Bud! You're a real treasure

  18. Add a 'y' to make it "Cyudi" and you have a winner for that cuuuute face

  19. Looks to me like he has joint hyperextension :(

  20. Yes, carpal hyperextension is pretty treatable. It depends on how severe the case is, but better nutrition, physical therapy, splints, and surgery are used.

  21. Sharing their childrens' problem to their friends. Parents should be trusted by their kids of keeping their problems. Maybe that's the reason why most kids and even teens dont share their problems to their parents but to their friends

  22. Absolutely. Not a 'problem' per sé, but when I got my period for the first time, my mother did this. She didn't help walk me through the situation at all, but boy was she on the phone informing her friends, family members, and at least one teacher of mine. I was mortified and never told her anything halfway private again.

  23. Yeah, yet another reason I'm glad I never had the daughter I wanted. That whole situation as an aunt (and I can see parent as well) is rather fraught.

  24. To be honest, I don't consider it fraught at all. By the ages that girls start menstruating, they can tell you themselves if they want you to know, and celebrate the milestone if they want, or not. I imagine that most children don't want their body being a point of discussion any more than most adults would, though. Parents should respect their kids' bodily privacy.

  25. Ooooh, so pretty (under all the dirt, that is)! What breed are they??

  26. I have HanseMerkur for insurance but I'd use CHECK24 to shop around depending on your needs. Does the transport box need to be 80cm tall or is your pup 80 at the withers?

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