1. What if they made the king a playable character instead… I think that’s a better idea.

  2. I thought it would be really easy to sense the sarcasm in this comment though I guess not.

  3. tbh it is just a better game. Elden ring was good but after the hype has died down it’s really not as impressive as it seemed at launch.

  4. I haven’t played elden ring in 2 month and that game still is a masterpiece in my eyes. The isn’t 100% perfect and no game is. Hell, Persona 5 Royal isn’t even 100% perfect. It’s still a masterpiece. No game is without it’s flaws.

  5. I literally said it was good, it being comparably good to persona 5 is a major complement. It’s not like the best game ever made though like some people were preaching at its launch, I’d go as far as saying it’s not even the best fromsoftware game

  6. Yes but you’re comparing apples to oranges, They’re not even the same time of game. I understand if you have a bias opinion. Though for me it see them in as the best of there of genre.

  7. I mean I own the game on PS4 but I’ll probably buy it anyways because it’s one of of my favorite games I like to support Atlus/Sega

  8. Multi-billion dollars companies will do just fine without anyone's "support".

  9. It’s a masterpiece of a game, when you like something enough show some support.

  10. Depends on the kindred… for me it’s a blaze of glory of till I’m finally ash. Make sure to take something that helps me being frenzing when I see fire because I’m bring Molotovs.

  11. I was an Ahroun, Métis, black fury. So I took fought a strong fomori who Murdering and collecting Métis skulls. It was a 1v1 combat, since my character believed in Métis justice. After I went to his house where his child was. My black fury instincts kicked in but her father was a blight on the world. So I set the house aflame and thought “if she can escape she’ll be worthy to live.”

  12. Enhanced cannot play with not enhanced games if you have two versions of the game for example GTA Online has a specific version for Series X players tried inviting a friend workout the enhanced version couldn't join so I guess it's up to the devs

  13. It was just going to be GoW: Ultimate Edition.

  14. I doubt you’ll run into any issues, you should be able to play online together.

  15. But what would it do to me? A person named Bas?

  16. All I need is leprosy and people will believe me when I say I’m an honest person. Fuck my life.

  17. Also the fact that the switch starts going dark of we don't keep interacting with the controller

  18. I think my joy cons are so busted they keep it active so that never happens to me, though it also means my switch won’t turn off automatically anymore, which sucks.

  19. That's still low with a 80.6% of people not having the platinum, just because its easy for one doesn't it is for another

  20. Compare it to literally any other AAA game and I can almost guarantee that the plat isn’t anywhere near that high. Look I’m proud of them for getting it. Though still it’s one of the easiest achievements to get with a little effort.

  21. All good lol, i dont put much worth into this, i just posted it cause i thought it was neat

  22. I felt like a million bucks till I realized how easy it was to get lol at least none of my friends had it lol

  23. I’ll admit the Funimation app sucked but it wasn’t this bad.

  24. I don't think scion is World of Darkness.

  25. Ok if you feel lonely with your man break up with them and fuck another man, Not resort to infidelity. I was a victim to woman who cheat on me constantly though like a moron I thought I could make it work. It only caused me emotional pain led to depression.

  26. I didn't have much context for HH when I messed with it in Rise.

  27. Exactly! That’s the problem it lost it’s flavor, it lost everything that made it, the HH and it’s it sad.

  28. A single song was 3 - 4 button combinations. For example it could be A-A-AB-B. It was not just double press. You also had to do performance to play the songs, you could line up 3 songs, then do a performance, and an encore immediately after it to upgrade the songs (atk up (s) into (L)). Rise really "simplified" the HH

  29. Good luck and get the DLC it makes the game a lot more fun.

  30. I’d never change the game so you know what answer is… it’s the cat girl… I said it because someone would have the joke it’s the inquisitors.

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