1. That man is a bully and a crook who doesn’t do anything that isn’t for his own ends.

  2. It’s Laurence Kenwright, he runs Signature Living which owned the Shankly hotel amongst other places. He runs venues into the ground and then goes into administration, as well as refusing to honour investments - very Ponzi scheme-esque.

  3. She shouldn’t have apologised for her original comments, I see no fault in her original statement.

  4. Well, He is up shit creek if he uses the wrong phrase for bread in different regions of the UK

  5. someone please explain the joke to me I'm dumb

  6. Sick to death ov suvvern pooftas mekking out us northern lads av no education. Im from the school ov ‘ard knocks and university o’ life.

  7. Sauron returns to Mordor. A shadow falls in the east.

  8. Respect your elders and do not mess, with the big boys.

  9. Me, 6'7" and butt naked wielding both a hatchet and a rather healthy erection

  10. I'm not talking about how well Wales did. I'm talking about the sheer amount of racism I and my other Welsh friends have faced from English people.

  11. Enjoy never, ever getting into the EU because they don't want socialist economies.

  12. That's the tip of a scud missile. Approximately, 5 seconds before impact...

  13. Should be cleaned up and moved to a museum. Out of the view of the general public. People can make a point to go visit if they want to see it.

  14. Every town in the anglosphere has one old, drunk, Irish guy who looks like this.

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