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  1. I know that if I you have an image of tile texture created, you can use the thru-paint tool to add it to a curved surface. But I don’t know how to add a modeled flat texture to a modeled curved surface.

  2. Not even thinking about the booze... just the conditions people will be staying in. Ive heard theres little to no drinking water sources. A lot of people will go there naively expecting reasonable accommodation, and will not be prepared to look after themselves in such a hot environment. Im expecting widespread heat stroke & dehydration for responsible fans and irresponsible partyers alike.

  3. People still need water to drink though, even if it’s not hot weather.

  4. Turns out the chef replaced an earlier image they had which was of Rastus, which WAS a racist character. But the chef Frank L. White wasn’t Rastus. But because he kind of looked like him, they removed it altogether.

  5. "While research indicates the image may be based upon an actual Chicago chef named Frank White, it reminds some consumers of earlier depictions they find offensive," B&G Foods said in a statement. "Therefore, we are removing the chef image from all Cream of Wheat packaging."[3]

  6. They went so far as to make a sign reminding female travelers to be modest from shoulders to knees, yet their stadium is a giant gaping vagina.

  7. My friend was in a bidding war over one of these and paid over $800. I thought he was nuts.

  8. If it makes you feel any better, I saw a can of cat food that was $6 today in Portland. 1 single standard sized can. $6.

  9. Lime/lemon juice with whatever sugar-free soda water you like mixed with vodka or tequila over ice.


  11. Email/cc all 3 in the same email explaining that you were told to not come to work (by manager 1) due to your blond hair color and ask if you are to come to your shift while you are waiting for clarification, since the answer didn’t come in time for your next shift.

  12. All the floors are still in the building, you just got to know the cheat code to get to them. For example, 1235 gets you to 4. Try figuring out the cheat code on the next elevator you ride! They all have them.

  13. Doors usually locked except as emergency exits.

  14. But does the missing floor still exist in the building, even if you can’t enter the floor? Even if there’s no door to the floor from that stairwell, the stairs should still indicate if there’s an extra floor or not.

  15. It tastes really good and works well with coffee..I think it was higher in carbs than I was hoping for so I had to switch.

  16. I once read that they’re significantly better hunters than lions, even.

  17. They are the ultimate predator, will outrun any prey to exhaustion, hunt in packs widely spread & well organised, vicious & so so beautiful, I love watching them in the wild, & lucky enough to be able to here in SA

  18. Wow. How do they react to adult humans who come across them in the wild?

  19. Looks kinda top heavy…for some reason looking at it makes me nervous.

  20. Wasn’t there a study that shows women had a higher pain tolerance than men? This chart should be reversed. 18-25 seconds: You’re a girl

  21. Isn’t this akin to ripping off someone’s hijab if they choose to wear one? Why is taking someone’s religious head covering off that’s just going for a walk ok? I’m all for people having the right to choose, but I don’t understand why what is shown in this video is ok. Can someone explain?

  22. If it’s to build your own business, that’s one thing. If you’re a cog on someone else’s wheel as an employee, then put in an honest 8 hrs and go home to do whatever you want with your day.

  23. Maybe he would have had a better chance at being a Pro Cricketer if he didn’t have a bat with gum and tape with pictures of bisquits stuck on it.

  24. Nice! What plug-in connects the curves like that? Did you use the thru paint tool to get the texture on? It was so fast!

  25. She could have approached it better, but how long has the couch been sitting there? In our neighborhood we have to order a special pickup or take it to the dump ourselves. The trash can pickup people don’t automatically take away large items like that.

  26. A pop-up downdraft could be integrated with the cooktop instead of having a hood mounted above:

  27. If I opened the fridge at work and saw this box looking just as it looks in the photo, I would assume it was for the staff myself. No name is visible and it’s a giant box. Put your name on it where it can be seen.

  28. Sure! There are lots of free tutorials on YouTube and the chief architect website too. I think it’ll be the residential industry standard soon. It’s like Revit but more geared towards for residential vs commercial.

  29. Gotcha, yeah we outsource our plans to a company that uses revit to make us 3D models, but really only do residential buildings. We have revit at the office but no one actually knows how to use it. I just know sketch up

  30. Gotcha. Yeah, you can import sketchup models (and other file formats) and here is the link to the chief architect catalogs for models. Many are free, some are with an ssa yearly subscription or individually priced. If you learn how to model in SketchUp you can make most of your own though. But the walls, windows, roofs etc are already built into the program, like Revit has.

  31. If only someone could invent something that covers your eyes that can be strapped directly around your head to wear at night to block the light.

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