1. It reminds me of the gloves trainers in Galar wear, I think it’s just to show she’s a serious trainer.

  2. Domestication and selective breeding could also impact cyclizar's current aspect

  3. Oooo I hasn’t thought of that and really like that, makes a lot of sense for cyclizar in particular

  4. Honestly as a gen 1 player I look back on older designs and you see the realistic parts of the moms, newer ones every now and then just feel like a Digimon since they lack all bug/insect/animal or plant origins but hay I'd start to get creative after 150+ design and 15+ years

  5. As someone who started in Gen 3, I think every generation has good designs(I cannot tell which one is my fave it switches) I think the only real problem I have when it comes to Pokémon designs is not that they got worse but sometimes they clash hard. I’m replaying Pokémon X rn and my team is five kalos Pokémon + Venusaur and I love venasaur and my kalos Pokémon but gen 6 was clearly made with a different design philosphy than the first gen and it can be a little weird.

  6. I see why people like him! Personally I think the ice on his face looks too much like he has food on his face all the time

  7. Counterpoint: there were a lot of hints towards India being the next region in Gen 8 and it didn't happen.

  8. I wouldn’t be shocked if that was the original plan and it got scrapped tbh.

  9. Oooo imagine a region based off of Greece and Turkey that could be really fun!

  10. Also maybe make a different sound based Pokémon like Loudred her ace. Toxels kind of a joke

  11. In some ways it seemed like one of the biggest parts of the force is getting pass emotional barriers, becoming a self assured adult essentially. I see it as essentially saying cal has come of age and has started calling himself a knight in absense of the Jedi order. If they find some way to make it Offical that would be great but I don’t think they have to

  12. God, I miss the BW2 post-game tournaments. It should've become standard.

  13. It would’ve been perfect for sword and shield. Galar is the ideal location for that. It even ended up happening in the Anime!!!

  14. Or a 100 Tower like they did in Hoenn/Colosseum. Back then, they really cared about battles. Today it's all back to the tamagotchi mechanics and it's boring me the fuck out.

  15. Ok the 100 tower wasn’t my fav but I do agree emerald battle frontier was the peak. Platinum came close but it was definitely down hill from there

  16. I didn’t hate her I wish they fleshed her out more. I think the whole “cassieopa” thing really stifled her character development kmo

  17. Anyone thinks the researchers made it all up? They admitted to making up the Paradox Suicune and Verizion in their book.

  18. Rika tbh is my favorite of the E4 but Larry is best gym leader!

  19. I want more rika tbh!!! I hope if we get any more content she plays a role. at least add her to academy aces 😭

  20. I want poppy to have like an iris style next appearance in the series. If she’s on the elite four as a toddler she should have a team of mythicals before she’s an adult

  21. Wow it’s been so long since I’ve seen the Kalos dex in full again. I still can’t believe the amount of new pokes introduced in XY was that small lol

  22. It’s missing the mega evolutions(which maybe I shouldn’t have cropped because it’s possible some paradox will be based off the mega like Salamance, my bad)

  23. Ahh I actually forgot about the mega evos. Which sounds crazy right? But we just haven’t seen them in so long that the only time I remember they exist is when I watch the Pokémon anime. 😭

  24. Yeah even in sun and moon it was relocated to the post game and unless you played competive it was hardly there tbh

  25. In gen 3 and the remakes may and Brandon also have different personalities which I think is nice.

  26. My issue with giving Pikachu and eevee these forms as paradoxes is that they'll be banned (probably) from any competitive play, and be likely unobtainable in future games. However since gamefreak seems to just not want to do anything with these guys anymore, I'd take what I could get.

  27. What do you mean? They get their own games and gigantamax forms last gen

  28. It's about riding around on a hovering motorbike vs riding around on an overgrown horse

  29. I think the overgrown horse is so much more creative looking but to each their own :)

  30. any scarlet paradox (especially Roaring Moon with jolly/adamant or Flutter Mane with Modest preferably) , stonjourner, oranguru, hydreigon evo line would be great!

  31. I literally don't understand why Magneton, a Pokemon made of MAGNETS, was picked for a prehistoric form when there were so many better alternatives. EDIT:: For all of you asking if I'm aware that magnets/magnetic forces exist in nature, yes, I'm aware; thank you for your concern. My issue is more with the horseshoe shaped magnets, such as those attached to the main ball structure of Magnemite/ton, being a manmade construct.

  32. Maybe in the Pokémon world horseshoe shaped magnets are based off of magneton rather than the other way around

  33. I don’t really like iron hands, I just think he’s boring looking. I don’t really like the Pokémon he’s based off of though. I’ve been using him in raids and he’s not growing on me. I don’t hate the robots like some people but iron treads and iron valiant are just wayyyy more creative than the others and it makes me dislike the more generic ones

  34. They made some pretty weak antagonists I think team yell might have been more threatening atleast those guys actually caused trouble. Didn't hate the characters their motivations just seemed so non existent.

  35. Lmao I loved the thing you spoiler mark. It just showed how sweet that character really is :)

  36. I don’t think geeta is meant to be a bad person, just a poor leader. Pokémon is partially about coming of age and part of age is learning people aren’t always who you want them to be. Geeta is well designed(she looks how a champion should imo) and is a mentor to the player but many under her seem scared or resentful of her.

  37. Gotcha, I've set up the Union Circle. Code is E9REN8!

  38. Sorry I’ve only ever used the link code? How does this work? Do I just search for a trade while we are in the circle?

  39. Sorry this is my first trade too lol! I've set up the Link Code: 88550987 :)

  40. Thank you so much! Glad we got to learn how do this this together lol!!

  41. Anyone have an estimate of what the odds are with sparkling power 3?

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