1. Lol I love how they make 0.1° seem like an insanely large amount. Not that's it's actually true, because it's definitely not.

  2. That graph isn't even accurate. Where's the dust bowl warming period? The 30s and 40s were MUCH hotter than today.

  3. Might not have the effect you're looking for #dogmandiedsuddenly

  4. Brilliant idea. Where do you plan on inoculating dogman at? In the buttox? Will DM need a booster shot?

  5. True that! Tony Heller proves this to be correct with USING their own data! They are fudging the data HARD!

  6. Came here to say this. Thanks. I agree. 100% bear

  7. The fact that you two responded to this in earnest is exactly why this sub does nothing but run in circles.

  8. If you think every cryptid is a bear please do us all a HUGE favor and leave this sub forever.

  9. This picture could literally be of a storage container with spider webs. How people could think this is something is beyond reason...

  10. They're idiotic kids who care more about wasting other people's time than wasting their own time.

  11. Lying leftists at it again! That didn't even happen in this video! You can't just say "person trips over sidewalk" and show a video of someone walking on a road with no sidewalk. You people are so incredibly disingenuous it's mind blowing. And of course all the paid NPCs fall in line.

  12. ALL runewords are stupid and overpowered. They render 99% of the game obsolete which is stupid, and is just a way for blizzard to appease little kids who want everything to be easy.

  13. They bully literally everybody. Probably because they suck at real life and will never have a gf.

  14. I wouldn't give you a ral for those. I have ten pairs of much nicer boots and none are worth a Lo.

  15. It's not only WAY too big to be a wolf, it also doesn't quite look like one. Those are full grown trees, not toothpicks!

  16. You have to be blind to think this is a regular wolf LOL!! it's 3-5 times bigger than any wolf you'll see in your life. They don't get that big, period.

  17. That's a stupid question lol. If you regret not getting it you can just go get it...

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