My best friend got tipped 3lbs of just kief…Red Bull for scale!

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  1. I smoking on those klutch kush mints as I type this 🔥👍👍

  2. Ever since I became my households Flower Expert I've been trying to note every strain I try. My wife benefits from everything so she doesn't care what I put in front of her!

  3. Pure ohio has some Thin Mint Cookies (OG kush×DurbanPoison) AMAZING

  4. Hope that buckeye relief tray dosent fuck up those pretty galenas tricones... like they do their buds .. fuck electric trimmers

  5. Try the new strain identification app ... take pic of bug and tells you which strain it is

  6. U probably smoke alot because the shake burns twice as fast as whole flower ... plus your loosing terps

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