1. I have legit 1200+ hours in KSP now. I think I reached Duna once and crashed. Went to eve once too, and crashed. Successful landings on minmus and mün. Prolly 90% of my hours are in sandbox mode making submarines n stuff lol help

  2. I would just buy it when it comes out but £50 is kinda steep

  3. Now just replace that with the brass section. Their only dynamic is L O U D

  4. Why would the brass section exist if not to be heard, If you aren't deaf by the end of rehearsal, we have failed.

  5. Nightmare doesn't sped runn he sloww walks

  6. That's my meme, I posted that a few days ago.

  7. My mouthpiece is like that and it doesnt really affect it i dont think, might get corrected

  8. Think there might be a opening to LAN exploit, but I'm not sure, wouldn't worry about it

  9. What's the point of having trumpets if we're not obnoxious and always heard

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