1. Yea, my boyfriend wouldn’t even talk to me like that OFF camera let alone upload something like that.

  2. When I forget where my mindless rambling was going and trail off, my boyfriend occasionally asks me whether I've misplaced the braincell. The running joke is that we only have one between us, and he's going to need it for work if I'm not using it.

  3. And it's not something that occurred recently. History is full of people loving their fur , feathered or scaled companions and yet Solie is treating it like it's a modern thing that happened out of nowhere.

  4. There are archeological records of lovingly arranged graves of beloved dogs, written with heartfelt inscriptions of what a good dog this was, that predate her entire religion.

  5. My Dad is an absolute nut about using utensils that are the correct size. He used to scream at us for setting the wrong size fork at his plate. Now, he is an abusive asshole, so a lot of his nonsense gets lost in the general haze of his assholery. But the more I see people posting memes about fork sizes, the more I think back to my Dad's weird traits, and the more I'm convinced he's on the spectrum.

  6. We never did figure out whether my dad was just a psychopath or deeply autistic. Either way he shouldn't have been trusted or expected to supervise children.

  7. Bro, take the literally almost every culture outside of the west-pill, ditch the utensil and dig in with your hands. It's great, leaves you with less to wash, and gives a completely new sensory experience.

  8. I'm fascinated by how people who were raised with eating with utensils are grossed out by the thought of people eating with their hands like a toddler, not realising that learning to eat with your hands neatly is a skill you need to learn just the same. And in consequence, people who grew up being taught how to properly eat with their hands are grossed out by the sight of utensil-users not knowing how to do this, and consequently eating like a toddler.

  9. Small pharma are wiccans with herbs and facebook moms' spices and essential oils.

  10. Cherry picking. We only remember the examples that support our hypothesis.

  11. I don't know. Finland has some pretty decent natural resources, and I don't recall anyone other than directly bordering nations wanting a piece.

  12. But think about the historical context. For most of history it had forests and frostbite as national resources.

  13. I'm from Finland, and mongols never wanted this damn place.

  14. Haha you’re good! After getting a couple of sentences in I knew what was going on.

  15. My parents sure did. It was the 90s and having kids was fashionable at the time.

  16. this is the reason i don't wanna have kids. because i know i'll give them this, and i don't want another human being to go through that. meanwhile i've seen some of the meanest people have kids and abuse them physically and claim they're better than everyone because they have kids. gee, i wonder why your kid isn't talking to you once they've moved out

  17. One of the most mean, petty and pointlessly cruel people I've ever met was the middle child out of nine. They weren't even religious or anything, her mom was just married three times and had three kids with each husband. And this girl I knew wanted a massive family just like that, too.

  18. As someone who has the same bad habit, it’s likely an anxiety thing ” He doesn’t want to bother you with it as he knows you do not enjoy sex so he is quietly meeting his own needs and keeping the peace. That being said, if you are trying to initiate and your not putting your heart into it he’s going to pick up on that and decline as at that point he knows your doing it out of pity. It’s hard to get around the mentality. The best option is to just dive into the awkwardness head first, dump your feelings on the table that you don’t want him to hide away with it all the time and that you actually do want to help him at-least some nights (if that’s how you actually feel of course, that’s what I’m getting from the post anyway). Maybe something gushy like “I don’t like sex, but I do like you and want to help you”.

  19. If he needs to sneak around to do it. There is a reason, and this reason is probably you, because he doesnt want to hurt your feelings

  20. We've been meaning to get to a therapist once our financial matters are more stable.

  21. This was suppose to be an example of "ad absurdum" in 1922, but in 2022 it just comes across as " women not do those things?"

  22. The thing that makes writing good satire so difficult is that it boils down to taking an unsettling modern trend, and then taking it further to it's absurd - but logical - conclusion. So you have to first understand the mechanicsm of what is happening, before you can make a cartoonish caricature of it.

  23. I have this feeling it's not people who contemplate finances before having them. Going "whoops I got pregnant again" is free, it's everything that comes after that which costs money.

  24. Yeah, I encountered a story here once of some girl who had some kind of terminal cancer as a kid so her parents showered her with every single indulgence they possibly could. But she miraculously survived, and then just turned into the most entitled and boundary-lacking teenager that ever existed. Like she was sweet and friendly, but would also break down in sobbing tears when some other kid wouldn't let her eat their lunch. Completely devastated to hear the word "no".

  25. If my therapist could she’d bop me on the nose with a rolled up magazine every time I try to manage other people’s emotions (mostly my very nice boyfriend who in no way asks me to do that for him). It’s a hard habit to break

  26. Oh yeah, my sister is the type of a person that makes sure that nobody else is in a good mood if she isn't.

  27. It is so, SO important to teach your kids how to be nice to animals. They may be tolerant and gentle but eventually your child is going to hurt that dog and make them snap. This is how so many dogs are put down or surrendered to shelters and it pisses me off. Collies are intelligent, people-friendly dogs who need a lot of exercise and stimulation. They are also herding dogs which means that they might not be the best pet to get until your kids are older.

  28. What do these women do when their kids leave? Just cook and clean for their husbands?

  29. Why is everything testimony? I genuinely don't understand this concept, you're just announcing you use a budget, there is nothing faith based about this.

  30. Could be she's unaware that it's religious vocabulary. When all the social interaction one has had growing up is one's own family and going to church, one could easily assume that that is just how people talk. Someone gets up to share some personal life stuff in a church, and that's called a testimony. She might just genuinely not know that making a random announcement about how you're living your life isn't called a testimony outside of church.

  31. My boyfriend and his mom were out hiking once and thought they saw a snake. His mom grabbed him, PUSHED HIM TOWARDS THE THING, and ran the other direction. It turned out to be a stick but he won't let her forget that she was willing to sacrifice her only son lol

  32. I'm amazed he still speaks to her. I disowned my family for less than that.

  33. I try to sit on that balcony as often as I can, I'm not fond of being outdoors but it's a good way to get fresh air and a moment of peace.

  34. Honestly, I think I would be a much more well-adjusted person if my parents could have gotten advice from a machine that someone taught to pretend being capable of love.

  35. Some time ago, I was a "Junior Java Engineer" and I was told, in hushed and almost conspiratorial tones, that I was going to have a face to face with - THE CEO.

  36. Honestly it's plausible that the culture of management has emerged for the same reason soldiers are, and sailship-era sailors were often superstitious: When you have no real control over whether you live or die, and shit could hit the fan any moment, it's human to come up with imaginary rules for it.

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