1. The price for Toyota platinum is $1360 10 year/100k….several people on here verified it for me in December. You don’t have to buy it when getting the car you can shop around for price later

  2. Got the 10yr/120k miles for ~$1400 on my XSE 2021.

  3. I have a 21 XSE and have never seen anyone mention lit stalk parts available. So, I really doubt it.

  4. I had to do this to make sure all the bugs were cleared out:

  5. Does anyone here try to evaluate R4P range between summer and winter (it should be Northern states or Canada)?

  6. I’m in Minneapolis, range right now is 37 miles with the heat on. This past summer I was getting 52 with periodic AC.

  7. Ask the electrician to install a Hubbell 9450A 14-50 receptacle. Much better than the cheap Home Depot / Lowes receptacles that like to melt under constant, heavy load.

  8. No problem! I just went through this process myself. I have a Prime on the way and the parents just got a plug-in hybrid BMW X5 so we had to get a 240V, 50A outlet installed.

  9. Thanks and congrats on the X5 :-) I had two X3’s over the past 20 years. They’re missed!

  10. My dealer was willing to work on the QI charger squeak as part of the warranty coverage.

  11. Test it at home first if you have the same temps at home. Otherwise you’re just gonna have to wing it and try a night as an experiment. You of course will need to leave the car in Ready mode. And, have some available small towels to cover you dash lights, because you can’t shut most of them off. Radio display you can.

  12. Rub those sores with Q-Tip dipped in Listerine. It will clear up the sores in a few days and when it heals your skin will likely have toughened up.

  13. Hey I’m deciding between installing kickers in the dash and doors vs your suggestion with the component for the front doors/dash. Any clipping issues/ how’s your experience been after a few months with the JBLs?

  14. I’ve had them a year now. I think they are pretty great. Components for the front is the way to go.

  15. I had the jaw surgery about 40 years ago. Back then it was a major surgery. I’m 56. I would have been left with a big open bite, so it wasn’t really optional.

  16. Hey, they might touch for a while. But, you will be able to handle it! While your trays are in, you will have cushion/protection. Eating may be tricky, but it looks like the time while the tooth is passing over would “only” be for a few weeks.

  17. I’ve got a deposit on one. Any info on the rattle issues you had?

  18. In general I’d note that I have a 2021. I may have just gotten unlucky? I’d imagine by the 2023 they may not have as many rattles?

  19. Where did you locate the rattles? And how did you fix them? After a year, I have one particular little rattle coming from somewhere in the back....

  20. April 2021 production. Appears to have same connector in your image. Difficult to get a good view without removing the undercarriage shielding, though. Mine looks in pretty good shape for 10K miles, including a salty, Chicago winter.

  21. Interesting, I'm in Minneapolis too and just discovered this issue. We took delivery of our Prime in November 2020, so it seems likely I have the old cable. I need to take the car in to get the software update, I'll add this to the list and report back.

  22. Awesome, thanks for letting us know. Ask them for pics of both sides of the connector, they should do it for you. Or, let you do it.

  23. It doesn't matter what you think. I understand my use case, you don't, and you don't need to. I'm not interested in your opinion of how I should use my own car. I am simply asking if anyone here has added a Viper alarm to their RAV4 Prime and whether it's been an issue for them, period.

  24. If you’re interested in joining the US case, plz reply w/your contact details.

  25. Do you have a website set up for it? Not sure I I want to send my contact info to an unverified ID.

  26. Sorry I just saw this! How did your camping go? I spent a few weeks in Minnesota this summer with my little camping set up. Hope yours worked out well!

  27. First, that's a real bummer and annoying and I get that it's very frustrating, especially when it's still so new.

  28. I plan to keep the car forever so that's also a factor in my attitude.

  29. Yes, here’s info from a post I made. And the part to fix the leak.

  30. Does the prime have the same connector?

  31. The 2021 RAV 4 Prime is the 5th generation hybrid, so I assume yes.

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