1. And now he does car insurance commercials. Wonder if that's what he's dreaming of in that moment

  2. For all those who have commented base purely on this post and nothing else :

  3. Irreversibile had that well covered, or so i thought

  4. The titles saying that there are "CGI sex scenes" seem to be misleading according to

  5. Biden threatened them to withold (congressional approved) military aid unless they delayed their production cut until after the midterms. Should the Republicans win the midterms, they will surely impeach him over this.

  6. Joe Biden, Bill Gates, Fauci, the Clinton’s, Epstein… hard to pick just one, sadly.

  7. Aren't you late for lynching, love? Don't forget your white pointy hat

  8. Does anyone else feel little sad when the sun or distant light upstages a great shot like this?

  9. 99 trance vibes. Needs Moar glowstick and Mitsus


  11. Cheers. I have already promised someone else to upload a set by the 16th. Shitting myself about it. 🤣

  12. Nah, i love honest feedback. Helps me learn and improve.

  13. It's got oodles of stuff. I walked away from Udo being unimpressed tbh. I have a 76 key hsynth deluxe NIB sitting in garage that didn't fit my setup due to size. My main one is "regular" Hydrasynth 48 key.

  14. The thing about Germany and Japan is that they had been absolutely steamrolled at the ends of their wars.

  15. Except Mongols. And Turks. And other nations that took turns invading Russia throughout its history. Do you know the origin of the word "slave"?

  16. Is Novichok exit strategy for entire leadership and duma an option?

  17. Looks like Neom’s off to an amazing start! Also MBS is nothing more than a filthy dog.

  18. He's just as horrible as any other dictator or homicidal maniac

  19. Kinda how sometimes it's important to facilitate an intergalactic highway construction project for a hyperspace express route.

  20. Israel's existence isn't a threat here. They have nuclear weapons. They're not going anywhere.

  21. Not to people who consider martyrdom as the ultimate sacrifice in the name of allah and willing to cut their nose off to spite the face

  22. Kanye has somehow combined christian fundamentalism, black hebrew israelite dogma, Qanon horseshit and mixed metaphors into a heddy brew of complete WTF...

  23. Don't forget 'George Bush doesn't care about black people' and 'ima let you finish'.

  24. They will mental gymnastic this into some kind of "liberal agenda"

  25. Good luck not getting ripped off on it.

  26. Considering how many liberals buy Tesla's, this would be a kiss of death for the brand in that segment. It would be foolish to piss off the remaining fanbase in California, let alone other states.

  27. Went dressed as a human to a premiere of The Independence Day... Oh, and Blade

  28. Depeche Mode was playing in the background.

  29. I'm talking about fresh meat. You send these greenhorns to fight in Lugansk and they're like - "why?" But "Crimea? Ok, maybe. We went to vacation there. It's nice."

  30. So, pardons for anyone in Russia, who uttered word "war" and was jailed? Hm?

  31. See, invading, bombing residential areas, killing civilians, raping women and children, pillaging, torture - all that it absolutely legal. Now, this... THIS! MEANS! WAR!!!

  32. Imagine how many birthdays will never happen, only because his whore of a mother didn't have the decency to clench her asshole, so that his vile father's shitstained cum wouldn't ooze into her rancid cunt? His entire bloodline, his whores included, need to be erased from history, along with him.

  33. 💯, his days are numbered. There’s some polonium with his name on it.

  34. He should follow Hitler's personal exit plan

  35. Why not just strike up a conversation?

  36. Yeah, I guess I'm just thinking out loud and want a bit of validation for the "take the money and do better next time" route.

  37. There you go.. Besides, you don't want to be looking for work closer to holidays, better get on with it right away

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