1. If they have paid already and I received the payment should there be any issue sending it?

  2. Ok so update to this. I notice that when I workout my other toes my big toe rests on the right place. Not sure if weakness from other toes are causing my big toe to compensate somehow. 😭

  3. More pictures. (First 2 where my toes are level are my right feet) the other are my left

  4. Just be yourself bro good luck and don’t have too much caffeine haha. Also try your best not to project putting her on a pedestal energy.

  5. I wouldn’t even waste my time with this unless it was for popular items. Better to just bulk buy from china or something.

  6. But those with mental health problems that are getting help —combine my low willpower and the old adage about crazy girls. I might have a problematic type lol.

  7. Sounds like she wasn’t in a good place overall. Not your issue.

  8. but this is not dark humor? there is a HUGE misconception about dark humor, joking about sa, racism or sexism is not funny as men/ guys think it is. dark humor is about making jokes about your own traumatic expierence

  9. Okay, but if you're writing a profile, and you have space for exactly one joke... why would this be the one you choose?

  10. Yea the certain groups are the people that wouldn’t like her humour. I’m not white and I don’t find that type of humour offensive at all. Actually like it.

  11. Why is every national post article just shitting on the Canadian government. Tired of these dumb headlines.

  12. Empty the trash and clear your mind. Find someone healthier.

  13. Can I borrow your temporary skin when you are done with it? Willing trade it for my vintage 76 man skin? 🤣😂

  14. What color is yours? I might be willing to trade

  15. Snow white in winter and lobster red in summer. The sun is not my friend.

  16. The US has the most cats per capita in the world. Turkey isn't even in the top 10.

  17. I love flair and their cheap prices. Every time I used them they were good. Hope they survive.

  18. $10-$20k/month. Profit is around 70%.

  19. Dam that’s ridiculous margin for 4 years straight. Congrats.

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