I left the country to avoid paying child support for a kid I didn't want

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  1. That’s the girl who lost her income after her social media account got deleted and suspended

  2. Sydney City Council actually refer to trams as Light Rail, so again, they are differentiated from Heavy Rail, and thus are not trains.

  3. Yeah, it’s a tram. I don’t know why you’re getting downvoted

  4. What a sad excuse for a male. Your parents are just as bad. Pathetic humans

  5. You probably get the impressions that everyone hates Hal because everyone is on this sub is constantly D riding John Stewart. Everyone loves him here more than any other lantern because of some nostalgia they feel for him from Justice league unlimited, when in reality he was a back up lantern that wasn’t that important in the comics.

  6. I really don’t like Robert Pattinsons outfit at all. The cowl and ears are so janky, the collar is garbage and the way the forearms reveal the weapons is just dumb. The breastplate and the rest is pretty cool though.

  7. Use a spring form cake tin. You’re going to have fun getting that out

  8. can you stare at me like that every time you toss my dough?

  9. I wonder what she thinks of people who actually listened to Metallica from the start?

  10. absolutely not true. To be 100% clear about this, Jesus was born (edit: conceived ) outside of marriage. Mary and Joseph were “betrothed” meaning basically promised to each other in marriage, but not married. To have the savior of the world born outside of marriage and then say that people born outside of marriage were beyond being saved is the most messed up thing I’ve heard in a while. Jesus loves you and you are precious in his sight. You can give your heart to God and let Jesus change your life.

  11. Joseph and Mary married after he was given a dream in which he said don’t be afraid to marry her. He married her but never had sex with her until Jesus was born.

  12. Can you imagine the drugs and violence in that hotel?

  13. I seek vengeance with honor. I commit my acts of revenge and expect to face the full brunt of the law against me. Felony or not - that is irrelevant to me. Only an honorable revenge matters.

  14. I think that if the gift of healing was active today it would show up in demographic and medical statistics. If sick Christians were getting better at a rate higher than non Christians researchers would be all over it.

  15. She sounds like the female equivalent of jay from the inbetweeners

  16. Legalistic how? And what about the spirits? Need more info and context wisdom is used

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