1. Truly amazing craftsmanship

  2. Credits goes to Impact Props on YT. Either OP forgot to credit them or chose not to.

  3. Looks epic! Good job on the adjustments from the previous armor

  4. If you don't know what this is all about, here's

  5. THANK YOU for cursing my eyes with this view

  6. I see a fellow pilot enjoyer

  7. Damn, the Professional Golfers Association is really trying to attract younger fans.

  8. Only the 2nd day of the con - Saturday

  9. Always love seeing non-standard colored ODSTs, nice job

  10. did it play at the end of tag 2? i vaguely remember

  11. It's from the base campaign when you fight The Icon of Sin

  12. I'm rocking that QUAKE PRO fov

  13. Whenever I see someone post their MA40, it usually doesn’t have the yellow stripe. Does nobody like it? :(

  14. It's not like I don't like it but the white stripe better matches my cosplay

  15. Did you use Andew dft's templates? Love that guy I made the full odst cosplay, battlerifle, socom magnum, and a car

  16. Yes sir I did. But I made the iron sights myself. And for the helmet I used templates made by Heroes Workshop + templates for the helmet attachment made by 405th community

  17. CAR is just a boring weapon literally just a rifle without any recoil Spitfire on the other hand does high damage with great range and also 80 FUCKING ROUNDS Thank The GODS spitfire mains aren't smart enough to put gun runner on this thing nobody tell them about pre-firing.

  18. That’s clearly George Joestar I

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