1. Would rather give my data to western companies than chinese ones

  2. Enzo was really good with his sideways passing, gotta give credit for that

  3. From Walcott to Welbeck to Alexis to Ramsey, everyone missed a ton of important chances across seasons.

  4. I thought extreme morbid obesity displaces skeletal structure.

  5. Nobody's talking about that weird structure between his ribs and his pelvis??

  6. Those are the intestines, dunno why they’re showing it

  7. Red pill, i'd have 13.5 years of experience with piano, i'd be unstoppable

  8. Remember, if you ever feel like you’re good at playing an instrument there’s always a 5 year old Chinese boy whose better than you.

  9. Let the kids use it. Incorporate it into their learning. Its an excellent tool that can cut down a tremendous amount of time and can also help hone in your focus.

  10. Why buy scouts when you can bu-- oh wait they did that too

  11. Chelsea’s POV of Jorginho being yoinked from above

  12. How much have they spent since the summer?

  13. This guy actually seems really stoked to be here lol

  14. NGL this is the first time I'm hearing how he sounds like.

  15. Those players were all signed with the expectation of being crucial starters though, Jorginho is not. Not really the same

  16. If Partey or Xhaka gets injured, then he'll be a starter 100%.

  17. Obviously lmao. My point is clearly that he’s not being brought in with massive expectations like Willian, Luiz and Cech

  18. We want to win the league. Partey's alternative will have massive expectations to play well because our #6 is the reason why we're 1st now and might be 1st come end of the season.

  19. Interviewer: "So Jorginho, why did you leave Chelsea to join us?"

  20. They sign Enzo, we overpay on Jorginho, chels use that to buy Caicedo. Fuck this.

  21. This season? During his tenure at Liverpool he got rid of players he deemed not good enough and signed top quality. He isn't selling aging players like Milner and Henderson because the owners aren't willing to invest into replacements, not because he respects their seniority.

  22. Is he saying it’s 70m with the add ons or it’s 70m plus add ons?

  23. Fucking Boehly or however the fuck you spell his name

  24. Bernardo takes a touch because he’s expecting someone behind him. Lol.

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