1. Well I got good news and bad news. Your pipes are almost certainly frozen. The good news is they will probably unfreeze themselves today. The bad news is, pipes may burst if they haven't already.

  2. The heck with shooting it down, with what I pay in tax dollars space force should do something like this:

  3. Not only that.... They can do what this balloon does with low orbit satellites...

  4. Someone asked me: WTF dont they have satellites? My thought it's going to be easier to send/receive stuff like 2.4ghz, 5ghz, etc from a balloon 60k up instead of a satellite 300 miles up. Montana is full of ICBMs which is also where they were trying to install cell towers with Hauwei tech? Though I'd figure if that big dingus on bottom was a yagi it would point down.

  5. New recorded windchill record in the US! (Previously -105 in Alaska)

  6. I had the opposite, I was mistaken for a thru-hiker when I was on a day hike. I was so embarrassed I haven't gone outside since. That's what I get for testing my gear.

  7. It's happened to me a few times too. No, I just have long hair and an unkempt beard and smell like a hobo all the time.

  8. I think that's a bacillus bacteria colony. You should go get that checked out.

  9. Out of all the garbage usually posted in this sub and unfortunately upvoted by either bots or clueless people this stands high among the pack. The first ever blog I've seen to exploit unserialize in a very restrictive environment so bravo to the ambionics team and their phpgcc tool is useful too been messing with it when finding unserialize out in the wild. Hoping to see more banger articles in the future they never disappoint with innovative research. These guys actually push the envelope forward unlike the other same old reposted stuff.

  10. I agree, this is very interesting. I can see the point where I probably would have said 'ah fuck, oh well' and gone on to other things. But these folks tried harder.

  11. I remember my first hunt, to mine iron, tedious when compared to an in game mechanic thats legal.

  12. Yeah thats what I dont get when I see a comment that 'iron farming takes the mining out of Minecraft'. You still have to mine everything else? My trouble was I was trying to mine things like Diamonds and Netherite (or rather, the Netherrack surrounding it), and running through stacks and stacks of iron on picks alone. To get more iron wasn't exactly deep spelunking exciting caves either. Now I can focus on other stuff.

  13. If your goal is get heavily suited up, to fight the dragon, to get Elytra, then I suggest you watch speed running videos, because you can do it with Iron Armor, and five beds.

  14. I'm sort of doing both, I started building a trader village and then they spawned an iron golem. And I was like hmmmmm... So now I have 3 villagers on full time golem duty and I'm trying to get the rest of the population/experience up.

  15. Well cheer up, because thanks to the magic of ai, within 3 or 4 years it will just be like star trek's holodeck and youll be able to get porn of anyone at any time by typing their name

  16. No, no you see when there's AI porn of everyone, there's porn of no one. That video from your ex that leaked? ITS AI BRO. I SWEAR.

  17. Yes, there needs to be a PSA telling people that preparedness is first and your cellphone is a last resort solution that might save you.

  18. My cellphone is for taking cute Instagram pics of my pup. My inReach might hopefully save me, though even it has difficulty with heavy cloud cover sometimes.

  19. You have issues if you think YouTube is a credible source for anything.

  20. Youtube is filled with Flat Earthers and all sorts of nuttiness. My personal favorite is the Hollow Earth filled with lizard people. This guy thinks they're going to be fact checking stuff about quantum physics experiments!?

  21. One technique I learned off Youtube was to build sort of a stair case, to the point where you can barely see the edge of the bed and then click and duck very quickly. If lava doesnt fall on your head you can often get away with 0 damage. I went from 3 debris using up 10+ iron picks over many hours to 6 additional debris in a couple of hours using maybe 20 beds. Building an automatic wool farm helped a lot.

  22. I don't know enough about DF to know if that's true, but it does sound like something Toady One would do.

  23. Yeah I would actually worry about lead poisoning knowing Toady One's tendencies.

  24. So when lightning strikes a horse, it becomes a skeleton horse. When lightning strikes a skeleton horse, it spawns four skeleton horse archers. Edit: Apparently if you see a skele horse in a thunderstorm, it's a trap. Approaching it triggers the four scythian skeletons to spawn, and his approach speed was fast enough that the second part of my statement happened.

  25. Whats with the jumping? Is that a mod or an enchantment? I thought you had to be standing in water for Riptide?

  26. Riptide works in any water, including rain. Riptide plus elytra in a rainstorm will let you fly for miles, and since the recent rocket nerf it will actually let you fly faster.

  27. Thank you. I'm a bit of a noob, honestly never even used a Trident. Still working on defeating the dragon for the first time.

  28. Typically after I'm done sailing I'll destroy the boat and put the materials into a chest to prevent the ship from despawning and losing all the materials

  29. I don't think they despawn, but they can get knocked into rocks and what not by waves until they are destroyed unless you park them pretty far out. Or attacked by enemies until they sink. Then any nails sink to the bottom and can be hard or impossible to retrieve. Or at least that's been my experience.

  30. He probably at least has frostnip. You can see it at the end.

  31. I think he is saying that the bones are attached to each other with ligaments so the arms could be completely removed without breaking the bones. This could be a picture as new arms are growing. His original arms with adamantium would still be full size lying on the ground somewhere out of frame.

  32. Yes but then they'd grow back with bone claws in a best case scenario, he can't re-grow adamantium.

  33. malloc is usually used to allocate memory, GLFWImage is likely this:

  34. Not sure if it's deep enough yet but you might want to try a snow shelter next time. I think it's more in tune with LNT ethics, but also would have been warmer. Avalanche shovels are nice and light and come apart to fit on your pack. Some shelters can be a bit dangerous due to collapse but I think a snow trench or tree pit one is probably fine.

  35. pro tip: Always place your torches on your right side on your way deeper into the maze. That way you will always find your way out by following corridors where torches are placed on your left side.

  36. I just started mining in a grid pattern, and then placed a red stone torch to mark the exit. So you just go around the perimeter of the grid until you see the torch. But then I got lazy and started using a minimap.

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