1. I get composted wood from the forest all the time, I just did last night. I put it in a worm bin or compost bin for 3 week minimum to give a chance to get rid of any eggs or unwanted critters. If I see a big peice of mycelium I will pick it and plant it directly into my pots. I think if you are bringing in it from outside then some kind of sterile process should happen but I just compost it.

  2. I have the same issue, 3 of my plants just haven't been drying at all. It doesn't help tht its warm and humid outside. But I figure the rest of the drying can be done in jars. So I have 2 in jars and are getting dryer. And one still hanging going on 21 days still very spongy and bendy.

  3. Yup, I was waiting for this response. Do you just bait people into an arguement over who grows better weed. Your entire comment history is you talking shit on every grow you can and waiting for them to respond so you reply with this. Also, I hope your dating life turns out OK, I'd hate for you to keep fapping to nude girls on reddit. Someone over thirty will want you.

  4. I'd hunt it out, these three phenos all look completely different but have the exact same smell. They all ha e the same high

  5. There are some snobby fucks out there. I think it looks tasty. I wish I could burn one down with you.

  6. Op is a snobby fuck, go look through his post history. Most disrespectful member of the community.

  7. Add some photos of your grow.

  8. Keeping your environment perfectly dialed is what helped me double my yields . What is your environment normally like? Also incorporate some Humic/ fulvic acid it bio ag full power is huge for me I use it eve try water!

  9. Trying fulvic acid this time around. Temps are usually 80 to 85 right now in veg with 65 % humidity. In flower the Temps drop to 75 to 80 and humidity around 55%.

  10. Why is no one mentioned the Black Dog LED PhytoMax 3 600W? It’s a totally bad ass light.

  11. I have a black dog phytomax 1 I still use it. It's OK but my chilled 600 is much better. I wonder how the phytomax 3 scompares to the first gen

  12. it's literally the 2nd post from the top so you might want to increase your scrolling rate?

  13. I got a few seeds my last run. I put one in a pot outdoors in october and now I have a little plant flowering and looks sticky. Looks a lot like it's mom I just don't know what crossed to it. I have another seed I planted indoors and that one has strong veg characteristics and stong stems.

  14. What? Learn stuff? Why it's not rocket appliances. Worst case Ontario he breaks the fan and those are fucking easy to replace.

  15. A 12” oscillating fan, 2 x6 600w chilledtech lights, and a chilled x3 330w light. But the lights are all dimmed down to 75%

  16. Pay attention to how many amps your using. Buy a cheap Amp/ watt meter on amazon. Standard wall outlets shouldn't exceed 12.2 amps. You can have as manny thing plugged in as long as you don't exceed 12 amps per circuit. That means you need to know the circuits in your house so you aren't overloading the amperage.

  17. How many other things where you running on that circuit too? Clearly it exceeded the capacity.

  18. Should pay closer attention to the total number of Amps your running instead of watts. Every standard wall outlet in the United stated shouldn't exceed 12 amps. For me I can run about 2 600watt lights and 3 inline fans. I have a third light for veg and I have to dim it or the other lights to run all three on the same circuit.

  19. I invite you to read my post about my problem

  20. No, I'm not. I actually don't give a shit amd don't want to be baited into your discussion. Have fun.

  21. Damn dude. Just trying to get your help, you seem to know things. Good luck

  22. Oh, your right. I thought you were trying to have a "I'm right your wrong discussion." Turn out you just wanted help. My only real advice is to stop growing with autos and move on to photos. From other people's experience auto's are too temperamental and hard to give it what it wants, when it wants it, especially with dry amendments. You think it needs nitrogen then you give some and by the time that nitrogen is available to the plant its already moved on into budding and now is getting too much of something else. It's hard to determine what stage the plant will be in 10 days from now so it's hard to predict what amendments to give and when. Photo period plants and much easier to controll and predict what could go worng.

  23. I really enjoy my surly cross check. Sounds like the bike you are looking for. Very versatile steel bike with classic geometry. I built mine from the ground up and it cost me a bit but it is my everyday power horse. I think they sell their complete versions for about $900

  24. Cannabutter has always tasted like a whole boiled down plant to me. That's why I switched to coconut oil, tastes a hell of alot better. Plus it has more fat content for the thc to stick to

  25. Hold on, I feel like coconut oil definitely gives it a nasty taste. Cookies or brownies made with coconut oil taste off. Use canna coconut oil and it's disgusting.

  26. I used to love their dead head og but they stopped that as well. Seems like they carry more popular strains now

  27. I don't understand how do you get your hand to your cheeks to wipe, now this dude is wierd but surely a half squat is the best method

  28. Yeah, I don't understand leaning to one side, your almost sticking your hand in the toilet bowl to wipe your ass. It probably feels all swampy and humid. I really need to see someone do it to understand.

  29. It bothers me that we live in a world where people genuinely believe the cop is in the wrong. I guess lawlessness is what the world wants. No accountability. No authority. Just do what you want with no consequences.

  30. Something is seriously wrong with y’all and this society. The black and white perception y’all have of the world is soulless and disgusting “just follow the all rules” because you have no real soul so you need “unjust rules” to function no matter how Dumb they are. No integrity or a soul

  31. I guess the idea of following rules is actually pretty irrelevant in this situation. The only decision that was made that resulted in the citizen dying is that he reached for a tazer. But let's talk about soul and integrity some more.

  32. Probably because it is most likely fake. She is currently out on bond from a felony assault on Friday and has a medium-sized rap sheet of assaults and DUIs

  33. Wouldn't surprise me at all to find out she hates her husband and wants to sabotage the relationship he has with their daughter

  34. what IS it with redditors answering otehr peoples comments like they are OP?? ive no issue with it just wondering, also great comment lol

  35. I noticed when an op responds to their own comment thread, they are more likely to be downvoted. It's better to let someone else respond for you.

  36. Sounds like a win to me, I'd stop messing with auto flowers and stick with regular seeds. Zweet inzanity is a great strain and I heard brothers Grimm has some good genetics as well.

  37. Could you post more pictures and give a little background info? What part of town? He has a very common look among dogs. I would keep an eye out for you.

  38. I live plum grove around new caney I going to post about him and more information

  39. By any chance did you get out of your truck and chase after your dog about 2 weeks ago near the Kroger? I saw someone chasing a dog that looks like that in that area.

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