1. Damn. I do 11-15 of powder. Tried 15.5 of crushed leaf and I woke up in the middle of the night in mild WD for the first time in years. I may have to do tea days to get my tolerance down*, almost like stem/vein. It is way for expensive. Idk way, there’s less processing. Less demand too, so maybe it’s a rarity.

  2. I actually prefer Hirsuta sometimes over Kratom. As long as it fresh and green. Not a fan of stem and vein really.

  3. I haven’t used either. What do you like about it? Are there any vendors you can recommend?

  4. Northeast botanicals and Bennis a botanicals has some good stuff. I mean the effects are pretty similar it just seems when your Kratom tolerance is real high and can’t get a good burn Hirsuta will hit. When I dose it I usually increase by 1-2 grams.

  5. You’re not going to find better value than the Green Riau and green Kali from Philly in their discount section. $60 a kilo and it’s fire bright green and potent. I’ve bought 5 in the last couple days. I used to spend about $700 a month on the OPMS shots and I just spent $300 and it should last me most of the year.

  6. Thanks for that rec. Been wondering about those and why they're discounted but I think I'm gonna have to grab one now. Would you say one is better than the other at all?

  7. The Kali seems to be a tiny bit better but can’t go wrong with either. You’ll absolutely love the boulders when you open it up. And it’s so fresh it looks like moist cake mix or something. Absolutely amazing. Plan on buying them until they are out.

  8. NEVER mess with Chechens! The UFC taught me this lol

  9. Huge fan of both vendors. Always great powder.

  10. Christians have never been pro life. Even God killed everyone with a flood.

  11. I live in his district and natural gas employs a lot of people myself included. It’s one of the few jobs/careers you can have that pays well enough to support a family without a college degree around here. I have a Bachelor’s in Marketing Management and I still make way more in the oil and gas industry than I would in my field.

  12. Philly has the 4 way split kilo for $90 and half’s for around $48. You have to spend $60 to get free shipping. If I grab a half I always get a true grit extract sack too for $12 and it will get you to that $60 mark.

  13. The yellow Borneo was my favorite on the sample so I ordered a 250 of it. Really good by itself or mixed with a green for daytime.

  14. Matt Gaetz, pansexual hero. Will literally fuck anything with two legs. Anything.

  15. Insanity? Can it be vanity? Where’s the humanity in having a twisted fantasy with an arm and leg amputee?

  16. That's odd, they clearly state it's not their regular farmer and product. I got some too but haven't even opened the box yet.

  17. That’s just for the reds on discount. Doesn’t say that for the greens. I’ve had both the Kali and Riau dozens of times I usually include them in all my splits and it’s exactly the same as the one on discount. I couldn’t believe it lol. I’m actually ordering 2 more of each tomorrow morning so I don’t miss out. I’ll just blend them with some reds I have if I need a change.

  18. Hmmmm I didn't even know that, I thought I was buying SOSA

  19. Back when I first started using Kratom, Sosa was the man. I think they prob just threw those greens in the discount section to get rid of some stock. I bought 2 kilos of some green horn from Philly right when they started selling Sosa’s 2019 stuff back in the spring and it was the best I’ve ever had to date. Bought a few of those reds as well and they were underwhelming. The red Sumatra that they have on discount right now are decent tho. Either way the riau and Kali are the bomb. Bright green, fresh and potent. Enjoy!

  20. Do you know if they are fermented or not?

  21. Yeah I believe their red Sumatra is or at least partially. Their gold Sumatra was actually my favorite tho. It’s had a darker color but it smacked. I’m usually strictly green vein but I liked it a lot.

  22. Absolutely dog shit! Just imagine how much better the world would be if money went into things that mattered.

  23. Not sure of the city but the state is either Ohio or Florida.

  24. My go to. Every 3 weeks I’ll do 3-5 days of the BT and absolutely no horrible feelings at all. Philly is the best in the game IMO.

  25. Love some Legit K red Maeng Da! Expensive but sign up for their email notifications. They always have sales like 30% off and shit.

  26. With what your fucking wheels? Eat shit Greg!

  27. I hope the permanent presence on the moon is Trump and his stupid ass kids.

  28. Why Benny the Butcher so mad? Where’s Conway at?

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