I took photos of the entire recent lunar eclipse. When I aligned them based on Earth's shadow, it helps visualize the shape of the Earth.

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  1. We were going to this abandoned mine, and it was in the woods, and before we got there there was, I would probably say 30 feet around pentagram circle with 666 all over. That was pretty spooky. Furthermore we ended up going in the mine, and towards the back we saw light. And it appears to be a candle. We have to do what is best for the videos. (Unless we are directly at risk then we won’t, but a light, isn’t a valid enough reason to cut production) So we walk towards it 😅 And it’s a little battery powered candle. The sketchy thing is, I know those battery’s don’t last long. So somebody could’ve been in there with us. There is stories of people going to the mine and coming across satanists and being chased out. That didn’t happen to us. Still spooky and uneasy though.

  2. Folks I hope you all know that satanists are actually pretty cool and that shit you see scribbled on walls is some teenagers trying to scare you. Probably has nothing to do with real satanism.

  3. Can confirm. Was teenager. Along the same vein, my friends had a goat- the only goat in our suburban town. Being responsible goat-owners, they licensed her (at dog rate) and took her for walks on a leash. This led to a local satanic panic, numerous letters to the newspaper and blurry forest photos of “the Satanists leading their goats to moonlight slaughter in our parks.” And an hilarious end to it all with a feature piece of my undeniably harmless doofus friends and the very happy goat they had evidently NOT regularly sacrificed over pyres in the woods.

  4. There is a regular at our town woods who walks his three goats. Everyone thinks he’s a weirdo but he’s really just trying to give his goes some enrichment activity! Your friend was just doing the same!

  5. If only we could get the whole US to abide by ISO. Just had a great debate about how to display dates on one of my products at work ( it’s very excel like). Ultimately went with MM-DD-YYYY because ‘has anyone used ISO recently’ was asked and I couldn’t come up with a response.

  6. Agreed. I used to be a Never Curver. I work in a lot of grids - excel and web apps - and thought the curve would always throw me off. Same for the games I play. But in an effort to condense my WFH setup I got the the Acer XB34 and that feeling went away in a couple weeks.

  7. I've not seen evidence that Big E knew Horus would betray him (do you have a source for that OP?) but the manufactured civil war theory was laid out by BL editor and author Laurie Goulding (keeping in mind he stressed it's just a "maybe"):

  8. It's the whole if they end up In The perfect society the big E wanted they wouldn't need warriors any more since nothing would be able to enter the web way after he moves all humans to it and locks it down.

  9. Ah got it, I thought this implied some mechanic that would exclude them. Ty!

  10. For people curious of the dimensions, these appear to be 5.51" (W) x 8.98" (H) x 7.78" (L).

  11. I know that hunt quite well! I love my ultra wide but it definitely restricts speaker placement. Kanto Yu2s are the smallest I’ve found for under monitor short of a sound bar like the razer leviathan.

  12. Looking for a new pair of speakers. Should I get these or wait for a sale on the ProMedia 2.1 THX Certified? Also, do these need a subwoofer?

  13. I got Stellaris 2 years ago and it's wildly different from back then

  14. I’ve got two rules on Reddit, upvote for Deep Rock Galactic and upvote for SCP.

  15. Got a link? I haven’t read this SCP. Is it a weird fascinating one or a gross body-horror one?

  16. Considering Halo is a pretty clear ripoff of Starship Troopers in many ways, you need it in there somewhere too lmao.

  17. A lot of people are giving you exercises, but you really need to dig a little deeper than that. I took a great course on marriage and relationships that I think has a lot of parallels.

  18. This has a sub out and is powered so you could connect to the sub without an amp or anything in the middle.

  19. Terral instead of lunar, since we are the moons "terra" aka earth. Terra = earth, lunar = moon

  20. I thought they crashed at the beach & he ate shit falling in the sand face first while getting out the plane for a little bit.

  21. This is how I always imagined it - a gob of molten material that burns through everything it touches. Like throwing a blob of magma.

  22. It was chaos haha. Everyone was lagging, players were dying to enemies they couldn’t even see, and grenades/deployables would take several moments to appear after their throw animation finished. I didn’t see any point using hitscan so I ran around just chucking frag grenades down hallways and racked up dozens of cheap kills

  23. Lasguns are a training weapon, it’s why they have visible bolts, make a noise and have recoil.

  24. It used to be a rule in one of the older editions that if your crew was stunned, the land raider's machine spirit would allow it to move and shoot, but at reduced ballistic skill.

  25. My eventual dream in life is to have a space opera game like Stellaris with the micro 3d capabilities of homework and the fleet battles of sins of a solar empire. I may die unfulfilled.

  26. The Sword of the Stars 2 really had so much potential with its fleet battles - it felt much like what you’re describing. It was broken and the rest of the game was unintelligible, but damn the battles and precision targeting was cool. I wish Stellaris combat was zoomed in to instanced SOTS battles.

  27. I would like someone to actually tell me what is so bad about this movie. I flavor this goddamn film.

  28. I want the opposite: I want to finally be able to follow a single pop around, giving it a marker or something. That we haven't been able to do this with any game since Pops were first introduced is a travesty.

  29. I really wish the surveillance or tracking edicts gave you this feature. Now that I think of it, I wish any edict enabled features instead of just buffs.

  30. thats nothing it took me 300 hours before i realized that I could restrict systems i travel through.

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