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  1. barry didn’t make it through the night…

  2. My dog has that exact toy! We named her “Linda the Lesbian Llama”! She loves it!

  3. I have been judged— and found wanting. Sigh.

  4. The eyelashes with the Mouf!!!! Yeeeesssss!

  5. “Mayo Pegleg”…. LOLemote:t5_2riv8:8708

  6. My little boy, Julien, would do this 🥰 His kisses were so warm and soft! I will miss my little man forever, but his kisses always made me smile!

  7. She’s like “HORMONES!” Poor thing. Dealing w menopause rn, so I can relate! LOL

  8. I am a simple woman. I see pongrirge, I upvote.

  9. He is perfect. Don’t tell my grandbuns.

  10. Clearly you made him happy. Hopefully that knowledge at least helps a bit. They never really leave us. ❤️

  11. I would argue that he's needed more in the US right now. I'd like to see Porry take on our healthcare system first. Although, he would make a good Prime Minister...

  12. I second this. He is needed in the US— for at least a few terms!

  13. Amelia— for those wonderful airplane ears!!! Love her!

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