1. Your VPD should be about 1.2-1.4 for flowering. Either lower your temps a bit or raise your humidity a bit.

  2. These look great, as we speak I got mind Melter in my flower tent and Bahama Berry in my veg tent 😅

  3. That's fine, it's not gonna bother the plant any

  4. Second hand info but I had a friend that worked in a pot shop and after testing it out they thought it would work well for people who were worried about things like having to decarb and screw it up.

  5. Looks 🔥 what's the sol sonic smell like?

  6. Thank you, I'm glad you asked. The tent overall smells of chocolate, it's intoxicating, need it as an air freshener. The Sol Sonic when touched leaves a distinct fruity pebbles smell on your fingers. The mind Melter smells more like a fruit punch. Incredible smelling tent, my first time running solfire and I'm very pleased, got some more of their strains started already for the next round (Bahama Berry + NFSHEEEESH) 👍

  7. Understand how circut breakers work, load limits and how to divide equipment between breakers if needed.

  8. If it's actually 90 something % and not 90 proof. If it's only 90 proof that's not going to work as that means it's only 45%

  9. Yeah it's 90 something percent im fairly sure so it would work fine?

  10. It should, I don't know how your finished product will taste. I don't remember absinthe tasting good but that's subjective. (Everclear doesn't taste good either tho, to be fair)

  11. I'm currently growing Mind Melter (Strawberry x mind flayer) and Sol Sonic (Gary x mind flayer). Heading into week 4 flower and things are looking very promising

  12. Is Gary short for Gary Payton or is it a different strain all together?

  13. I'm in week 3 flower of growing Sol Sonic and Mind Melter, they both look great so far but if I had to pick one rn it would be mind melter

  14. Yeah I went to go get the mind melter but they were sold out the three packs and I didn’t really want to grab a 6 pack because I’m tight on money from switching jobs and plus I’ve never ran solfire so I want to try them out before I go into buying full packs

  15. Damn I buy the three packs as well, didn't realize they sold out

  16. Just joshing but yeah. Love all of those actually besides in house. slurricane made them quite famous but since then they have been all talk no substance imo. All of my grows are from twenty20 and some autos from mephisto. They have everything you could want! Whiskey Zulu from twenty20 getting stuffed in my bong rn. Amazing fruit and gasoline grape soda smell that packs quite a punch. One of my favorite strains I’ve grown,

  17. I always forget about them, I added them to my list lol thanks

  18. Shit, appreciate it didn't know it was all that I just thought it was a matter of just how much weed.

  19. Think about it, you want to use an ounce of weed.

  20. Shit this might be beyond me, got any good YouTube channels to recommend on the topic?

  21. Use that calculator too, it will really help you. I'll kinda walk you through how to use it in the order you'd fill it out

  22. The drink bhang (?) I've had that it will full send you done right. Like talk to imaginary ppl full send.

  23. I have a KingBrite 240w that I use in my 2x4. Was about $150 with shipping, I recommend it.

  24. Ik it's hard but when you check your trichomes it's important that you check trichomes on the buds themselves and not sugar leaves. The trichomes on the sugar leaves mature faster and could trick you into harvesting too early

  25. It causes the plant a little bit of stress but I don't think you'll really lose yield aside from the bud that burned.

  26. If you're gonna get Alibaba lights, I would go with KingBrite lights

  27. Your brownies become very unpleasant to eat

  28. Judging potency might get difficult but otherwise you'd be fine using both (don't forget to decarb both first)

  29. leafly said it was 20% i put the data into the calculator and it gave me 30mg is that too much? on the day after it finished I'm gonna eat one to try and just wanted a heads-up

  30. For a first timer? They would be pretty stoned, depends if your buddy is okay with that or not.

  31. Thx for answering. Will try the calculator. Do you know what i can use the weed for after or do i just throw it away?

  32. After you make butter with weed I'd just toss it, I've heard of people using it in pesto and stuff but if you made your butter right, there really shouldn't be much THC left in the weed

  33. No they will compete for space in the pot, if you want them to fuse you would have to graft them

  34. I just saw you can thusly grow 3 strains on one plant, interesting.

  35. So my timer stopped working properly, and the 12 hour dark cycle did not occur. this is the only time it’s ever happened and I shut it off manually when I got home and noticed.. it’s only getting 2 hours of dark before the light turns back on. Do I have to worry about reveg this late into flower?

  36. Well definitely don't let the light turn back on after only being off for 2 hours that's just going to stress it more.

  37. I found this video/channel very helpful when deciding on a light. He does real world tests on a lot of different brands and models of lights and compares them:

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