1. Yes! And then you'll be a crazy greyhound person like me who tries to convert all their friends to get THE BEST DOG IN THE WORLD.

  2. Omg I also have a Pixel and even if he's sleeping my hound will wake up and mess up the photo. He doesn't react to any other phone... I think you solved the mystery!

  3. DOG.exe stopped working. Please contact support or open fridge for restart.

  4. He is gorgeous! When you have time, I'm interested in the process you went through to get him!

  5. Thank you! Sure - we started our search at the beginning of August, looking into agencies nearby and completing applications. At the time we completed the application with the agency we rescued Dobby through, there were no available dogs. We were persistent and followed up on our application with a phone call to show interest. We were contacted regarding a shipment of greyhounds coming in from Ireland and weโ€™re instructed to look on the website to see if there were any we were interested in. We immediately were drawn to Dobby. He apparently had 8 applications submitted for him in total. But due to the timing of our application and being in contact with the agency since then, we were first in line to adopt him. We had to wait for him to arrive from Ireland and then we met him at a house he was being fostered at temporarily to confirm we were a good match. We confirmed that we would adopt him and were able to schedule a day for pick up based on our availability. If you have any specific questions, let me know!

  6. Thank you! I've had my boy for 2 years, and I have of course fallen in love with Greys and I know that in a decade or so they'll be hard to get in the US... So I'm just looking ahead. It's good to know the agencies are flying them over in groups rather than individuals having to make those arrangements!

  7. There's a DC grey group on FB. Proposed was a meetup at the Congressional Cemetery on a Sunday (it's literally a dog park with a 10 dollar cover on the weekends).

  8. Have you tried Greyhounds in Motion? They have galgos, and are based in Florida.

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