1. for homecoming i could wear a mask suit or go and grab a andro sweater and that’s what i did. felt amazing. i actually felt good in formal clothes for the first time in a while. just

  2. she’s just helping in the worst possible way imaginable ❤️

  3. i don’t think anyone can argue that they have no qualities. what’s your point?

  4. Welp, I'm 20 and puberty already ruined my life forever

  5. “they” should be conjugatable as a singular pronoun. “he is going”, “they is going”. it really should work.

  6. Yeah, but tbh idrm, it requires little effort but I see ur point

  7. ik but if it becomes grammatically correct then arguments against it wouldn’t have a basis. i don’t mind either.

  8. they don’t think of me as some disgusting manly man? finally one person out there

  9. ong my smile drops instantly and i need to go to the bathroom for a time suspiciously close to the time it takes for a quick cry

  10. paint their locker the trans flag. put the trans flag on everything they own without them knowing. if you heard about that story of the bully who got “pineappled” you know it will have a profound effect. also a fun excuse to fuck with a transphobe

  11. so some kid got bullied, so the kid left a pineapple in the bullies backpack, locker, etc. then he went to bullys house and asked bully’s mom to come in, saying he forgot something, he then left a pineapple in the bullies bed. then he showed up to school with a pineapple and gave it to the bully. it clicked and he wasn’t bother again. I’m saying PP should go pineappling with transflags, it’s some awesome trolling.

  12. oh my god exactly. they know it’s a joke that i dress fem and stuff (it’s not but they think it is).

  13. I think he's more of a leftie than what he shows on screen, that's just what he can get away with on corporate TV. But his whole show is just a constant message of 'this system is utterly broken'.

  14. i want to thank my clone for sharing this. I was not disappointed.

  15. Haven't seen the episode but last time he mentioned trans people he did it well

  16. he went ballistic on the transphobes and showed a trans boy the most epic bearded dragon ever.

  17. there's a lot of deliberate misinformation about her since she's a very vocal anti-transphobia advocate. she doesn't hate trans men or force people to transition or advocate literal DIY hormones. but by shutting down a hate site she's brought a lot of the hateful people to harass her

  18. Also KiwiFarms is just a place for people to speak freely without censorship, it’s full of some garbage people, but freedom of speech is necessary. plus she didn’t take it down, it’s still up. She did nothing but force cloud care to drop it, null (the owner) just swapped DDOS protections. still, fuck the terfs on there, they can blow their brains out and i’ll watch with some popcorn.

  19. use fem and just say you screwed it up or something. just not on a test ofc

  20. trans people in the bathroom are fine idc, but you ever see some tall muscular face tattoed person who takes the loudest fucking shit you’ve ever heard and proceeds to groan like they just ran over a pothole and know something is broken and they’re gonna have to spend atleast 15 minutes to fix it? well yeah, i forgot what i was talking about.

  21. i see this stuff as like, a chore that everyone has to do. i forgot this isn’t an everybody thing. wtf my brain doing.

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