1. I'm honestly surprised Shrek isn't in here yet...

  2. Mis poest see leitav on? Siis tean millist kohta ma vältima pean

  3. *insert any assassin here* would like to know your location because in this scenario you have NO survivability to be alive any longer than 0.3 seconds

  4. Pantheon had no business building Sterak when he stacked literally zero HP in his build

  5. I mean he did cut off AA's arm, so it makes sense that panth builds steraks, maybe he likes to keep it like a trophy or something

  6. Damn even school computers are more powerful than my little potato

  7. I hate that the game is balanced mostly around win rate. For example, Fiora's been broken for YEARS but nobody plays her because she's basically perma banned, so win rate logically goes down and what does riot do? Buff Fiora. Same with Irelia/Riven/*insert any champ here*.

  8. The only solution to these kinds of problems is the uninstall button.

  9. What Aureus/Provicence/Polterghast/DoG does to a person when they can't beat them in death infernum fargo *insert 50 more inpossible difficulties here* mode

  10. Now that i've beat all the levels, maybe i should do a tier list as well...

  11. immune immune immune immune immune immune immune procedes to melt my health bar by taking my balls

  12. Death's dance lost 5 armor, item's dead guys rip bozo

  13. EMOMOMO if i remember correctly has 2 checkpoints, unless it's a speed trial (which looking at the pic it isn't a speed trial)...

  14. you just have to trust me i guess i swear i hadnt died yet(i got 69% on the 1.0x too)

  15. same issue here, it really is dependent on how good your pc is its honestly stunning just how demanding tmodloader is

  16. (ironic) same issue here, but it only started recently. Used to be able to get 60 fps easily and suddenly only 20 fps for what seems like no reason. And the funny thing is u sed to be able to play with 70+ mods no problem, but my pc can't run 18 mods normally. Nothing about my pc has changed for a good few years now.

  17. well opened dam 🦫 50swoman blue eye coca cola T remote the storm

  18. Well damn woman i can't control the storm THAT IS APPROACHING!!

  19. A bag of organs, oh wait, wrong answers only... uuh an attack helicopter

  20. I have two problems that go against each other: i love staying up late because gamer time and i love sleeping in alot because S L E E P is a tutorial for death or something like that

  21. I have a friend that mains Fiddle support and she is cracked out of her mind

  22. Fiddle support players band together! I have fiddle supp mastery level 6, not a single game in jungle, would be ironic to reach mastery 7 with 0 jungle games

  23. Laning phase i try to hit as many E's as possible to try to be ahead of the enemy support, when i reach level 6, i play around the bushes amd vision to get a nice blind ult for the fear and from thqt point on my ult is the winning condition (most of the time), i hit a nice fear ult, we win. Build is your typical fiddle build, liandry's, demonic, rylais, the rest depends of the enemy team

  24. Sorry I didn't know, it was the first website that came up

  25. When searching any info, carefully check in it's an "ad" ir not, ads are always the top searches so be careful it to click on those, never know where those take you. This isn't obly for calamity, but for anything you search for on google for example.

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