1. It's such a quiet thing, to fall, but for more terrible to admit it.

  2. I was referring to JK Rowling and referencing KOTOR 2.

  3. I'm not buying this. Unfortently TVC playsets are slabs of plastic just for dioramas and have no play value in my opinion.

  4. You got yourself the ultimate 80s playset!

  5. I’m so sorry about that. Don’t listen to them. Are you still living with them? Can you move out?

  6. I only make $12.00 an hour. There is no way I can move out anytime soon.

  7. Whenever it gets brought up. I won't be around much longer.

  8. I wonder why? The TF2 community is very friendly compared to other gaming communities.

  9. Godzilla sunk the Titanic after it collided with his spikes. The media covered it up saying it was an iceberg.

  10. I want to read this series so bad but I spent the last few years reading stories leading up to it instead. But I feel like this is the inverse of the MCU's Multiverse Saga; unlike the Multiverse Saga where it feels like I'm feeling burnt from doing tedious homework to prepare for a giant test years away, I actually enjoy reading the stories that lead up New Jedi Order. However I have a so many I have yet to read.

  11. G.I. Joe: The Movie introduces Cobra-La. They use organic technology and want to end human civilization.

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