Who is the female vocal equivalent of Morgan Freeman?

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  1. https://giphy.com/gifs/26n6JFYj6dyqTnIk0

  2. It will always be The Undertaker for me

  3. Search for Caran Dache pastel pencils🥰And yhank you

  4. Jessica Eye wearing the "Bulletproof" vest before the Valentina fight

  5. Casey O’Neill screaming at Roxy like a baby goat and then blatantly disrespecting her in her retirement fight. She then has the nerve to ask “why are you booing me” in her stupidass accent that makes her sound sped.

  6. Fucking forgot about this too. I think O'Neill is talented, but god damn that made me dislike her.

  7. To me, the Rose Bowl was about the biggest bowl you could get to outside of being in the playoffs. In the pre playoff era (BCS era) the Rose Bowl was literally what you prayed to get in to. The crazy thing is, going 10-2 and winning a Rose Bowl last season seems like it meant almost nothing.

  8. These people deserve a special place in hell. This picture makes me cringe...

  9. Get in your car, dork. That old man would fold him.

  10. "Portitor has horrendus aquas et flumina servat terribili squalore Charon, cui plurima mento 300canities inculta iacet; stant lumina flamma, sordidus ex umeris nodo dependet amictus"

  11. You would have to lean Run Game right? I am talking overall. I understand the importance of passing and everyone loves the deep homerun balls, but running the ball has a higher upside overall. Running the ball gives you a lower risk of a turnover. You can control the ball and run the clock as well as giving your defense a rest. And 4th quarter ball control with a lead is key.

  12. NCAA 14 (Updated 2022 rosters) on PS3. I have a PS5, but the fact that they delayed the new college football game until 2024 made me start playing this again.

  13. Hard to not say the Werewolf from Van Helsing

  14. "If you're good at something, never do it for free"

  15. I'd bring my boomstick and show those primitive screwheads a thing or two.

  16. Amazing grace played on bagpipes at a funeral

  17. I was coming to type this out HAHAHAHA. Well done

  18. Jason Mamoa as Aquaman. He just makes no sense to be in it. The villain ACTUALLY looked like Aquaman, they should have had their roles reversed.

  19. Me and my wife were looking at shelters and came across my buddy. He was just kinda there and we walked by him originally. We were gonna leave and I looked at him when we walked back by and there was just something in his eyes and look that pulled me in. We got him in the room to meet him and he was just perfect. He is a brindle brown pit-husky (short hair) and his eyes are green. He saw a lady out the window walking out and let out an INSANLEY deep bark you would not expect from him. I was sold. His name is Zeke and he is the best boy!

  20. The original Blade, with the rave scene at the beginning when the sprinklers rain blood and it all goes down...so good.

  21. Uppercuts the vampire with the stake and lifts him into the ceiling was my absolute favorite part

  22. So it depends on what your taste is. I love when they are truly scary and monsters, and for that, 30 days of night to me is the best.

  23. Hillary Clinton. So much so that I plan on having a Hillary is dead party when she dies.

  24. I found her 12 whole comments down from yours...

  25. Well...I missed it. So. I am sorry lol.

  26. Scarlett Johansson has a lovely voice. That movie Her is a good example. Not saying it is the equivalent to Freeman, but deserves a shoutout

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