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  • By - Supeh

  1. Congrats to The Green Wedding for winning that survey question 2 mins after posting

  2. I don't think the show's off-season engagement through social media encourages the community to stay active, if that makes sense. It's a bummer because I see other shows harness excited fan bases in simple but effective ways. Diversifying the types of characters who get attention (memes, featurettes, bonus content, etc. -- for a long time now it's been Jaskier-heavy) would go a long way toward keeping the spark alive during dry spells.

  3. The social media posting is so bizarre these days. Sharing a 'stunning' poster that has a random mage's hands photoshopped on to Yennefer, and never posting about so many of your amazing support cast.

  4. And for comparison, here's how the main show did:

  5. I didn’t think I would but I actually love some of the songs on there! 💃🏻 questch: is it supposed to be compiled of songs that’ll be featured in the first season? Cuz if not it’s a delightful yet very random playlist lol.

  6. So fucking excited. The fifth shot feels very Halt and Catch Fire. That might be projection from Chris Rogers & Cantwell being involved, but I would adore it if this show took inspo from HACF (And praying Paul Haslinger is on the soundtrack)

  7. From what Ive seen, I believe Depp is or was a deeply broken, addicted and twisted man. I can say for certain if he abused her physically to the extent she claims, as her evidence doesnt seem strong enough to support said narrative. But Depp already admitted to some pretty heanous acts, specifically the mirror incident. That being said, Depp also has a precedent in violent actions and attitudes. But doesnt have a jistory on women abuse, and seem to keep a failry positive relationship with his former partners. Now, obviously if that is the case it is logical to think theyd be biased in his favor. But taken stuff like how the Jiry would be presented them, i.e. putting our own already pprejudidlces based on our experiences and biases aisde. We gotta admit the evidence that Amber has brought forward is very minimal in relation to what she has calimed happened. Of course, this doesnt mean she is lying, people sometimes, many times, just dont have that much evidence at hand, but their own testimony. But for a legal battle that isnt judging wether one abused the other, but rather if one defames or lied about the other, she didnt need to go that far. Just by focusing on the spsychological stuff like the mirror thing, or how his drinking and such, was enough..

  8. You should tag him or send this to him on Instagram. He loves fan arts and this looks awesome :)

  9. Seconded! If you post it on Twitter also OP, please drop a link

  10. The show isn't the books. Even if the show did stay true to the source material, they still need to illustrate that she does any of what you're claiming, without that, you're just grasping at straws. Regardless, increasing your reflexes and strength doesn't compensate for a lifetime's experience and certainly doesn't allow for 1v5 against presumably skilled fighters that are larger and stronger than you who also have you surrounded.

  11. Even the person who made the video posted agreed that the point I was making was relevant in context of the critique being made

  12. I was unaware OP was the bar lol. Regardless, OP explicitly stated "But the point was more about how Yennefer overshadowed Geralt", which implies that you in fact missed the point.

  13. That quote shows that Yennefer can use magic to improve her own swordsmanship. Vilgefortz does too. She's not being an exceptional swordsman, she's fighting well alongside Geralt. If she had been cutting through soldiers at Sodden with a sword like Geralt does in ep1, I'd have a different view, but she isn't

  14. As someone who heavily rather S2 after feeling the exact opposite about S1, I would've loved a question relative to that, such as "Did you think S2 was an improvement over S1" or something !

  15. That'd be really interesting to see, putting a vote in for this too

  16. So what did Tomek really say if his comments were "poorly translated"?

  17. I was actually thinking of a different Baggins interview, so the one being quoted wasn't poorly translated (

  18. That's what I thought too. Shame it doesn't make much sense for her character

  19. We're worried the sub is getting a little too focused on meta rather than discussing the show, so going to remove this post. Hope that makes sense - thanks!

  20. Alright, no problems! I should've probably leave this information to myself anyway, I got too tired of this constant critique of the show :(

  21. I feel you! Hopefully some threads pop up that'll lift the mood a little for you

  22. This is so fun to read. Do you have any predictions for where Ciri's story will head?

  23. Avoid personal insults, pleaseee. It just causes drama and takes discussions off-topic (this is directed @ the full chain, not this specific message)

  24. Xintrea is the Elven name for Cintra, as in where Ciri is from. And yep, that's where the Elves are going

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