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  1. I have bought this one time hasn't really been available near me. However I liked the half that I got it was nice plump nugs pretty nice for smalls. I share your likes as in cultivators that I buy freequently.

  2. I second the Woodward comment it's pricey for me but get it when I can galenas is nice aswell. Try meigs co. They got alot of good stuff.

  3. Thought GG4 and Romwidow was there best for pain at least

  4. They are def a great investment cloaks aren't too bad either but yocan makes great stuff.

  5. Youroria,slurple,cherry dosido,are really good and there animal mints is the best hands down. They have alot of it rest strains I've never been disappointed.

  6. Awesome so glad to see this I had emailed them a while back asking about og kush story and was told they were having trouble with the plants taking off guess they already knew they was keeping it hush hush

  7. Kings mustache is incredible super big dense sticky nugz I mean it is my favorite I love it so so much, also chem Fuego isn't talked enough on here also lime sherbet is on point again mentioned seldomly.

  8. Do you know anyone that actually vapes RSO? Lol

  9. I have vapes rso I fig like most can't have an edible that strong but it's taste like weed really green bud like back when I was growing a plant in my closet in high school.but labeld a vape so it could be bought for one day so it's not bad at all to vape helps with pain instantly nice head rush of relief which is nice but eat about a pea suz maybe bigger rub it on the roof of ur mouth fastest way in orally is under tougne or roof of mouth it's very thick hard to get under tougne so I just scraped it up top lol. Very effective at first but after first use it doesn't seem to roll with ya as long at least in my experiance.

  10. Im not seeing anything 25% off in Logan, just 20% off Cokoh 30% select Wellspring and some Thiger Minth. Hopefully it’s a glitch in their system

  11. It was just a couple carts is all they had for there big secret may the 4th sale what a joke.

  12. Let me start off by saying this is GG not GG#4 there is a difference , small but there is a difference. Chem sister and chocolate diesel is GG and chem sister and Sour Diesel make up GG#4. Moving on I loaded my pax 3 (yes I know it's my first vape gimme a break) still I have found that this strain has so much of flavor in a vape it is truly the best way to consume this delightfully sticky treat. Now I picked up from a friend, still it's top shelf now the first couple pulls on the vape and it's so green and piney taste that you really notice the diesel in her as those scents sting your nose in a most delightfully way possible and this stuff packs a punch three hits in and I can already notice that my back pain was melting away fast now I packed a good joint in my vape and got a lot of great hits after killing that Im on cloud nine my back is great no anxiety nothing but great times. I roll up a joint and burn half of it and had to put it down it's not often I do that unless at work. I found myself a little goofy at times say things kinda backwards and little off but didn't realize it my girl made fun of me for almost 5mins before I realized what I had done. I put that in cuz I am a heavy smoker vape some but finding it hard to fully commit anyways I normally do t find myself really goofy and air headed but when I do eventually the giggles set in and I have a great time which I am awesome night for sure I also got the munchies but anyone who is in pain I recommend. Also I picked up a early girl cart also he brought it back from Cali. Never had or heard of early girl but after some research I was sold she is a cross of many landraces mainly Afghani and southern Asian but at some point someone threw in a Mexican sativa landrace. This bad boy is potent aswell she relaxes me with ease and the flavor is very different even for a cart but anyways how fast it worked on my nerves and helped melt aways the days stresses really nice strain hope we could pick her up it some variation in the program. Well she is lengthy and somewhat helpful. I will say GG is one of the best pain relieving strains I've ever had or that's out there it has a cure for alot of ailments to me that is an amazing strain and I will always get GG when possible.

  13. I am a creature of habit I like what I like dont stray too far from my comfort zone. But recently I went out of it a little and picked up Woodward blueberry cheesecake I must say it is def fine cannabis. It is very pricey but I will say this for a 5.6 it lasted me longer than any other 5.6 I've bought and it's not much more than a day usually this stuff just a cunt hair short of 3days. It's worth it my friend it's worth it.

  14. They are above klutch and I'm a die hard klutch guy bought this for first time the other day for the price it hurts but once inhaled that's when I knew ware that extra money you went from ne cannabis indeed.

  15. I've always loved chewing on thick stems when I'm breaking up my bud, but this, it just made me realize I've never seen another person do that

  16. Cresco there stuff ain't bad at all slurricane is one of my favs. They are affordable aswell alot of guys on here bang on them but I've had nothing but good with them and I've only bought there live resins budder or badder and couple of there carts haven't had there flower. Now that's the bargain stuff. Now I'm sure you know klutch is always on point ICC ofcrc Big head is now in live resin and its pretty affordable. I like ICC personally big head is nice too, ancient roots lemon kush is very very tasty haven't had firelands but I expect not to bad it's just to rich for my blood.

  17. I've had some decent stuff from chizle also had some trash but for the price it wasn't too bad either.

  18. Ok so let me say I've been a stoner since I was 10 (35 now) so been smoking a while now 6yrs in that time I was in prison I still smoked in the joint but not like I do on the street. Anyways I came home almost 2yrs ago July of 20 so when I got locked up in 14 I was just hearing about dabs but hadn't had any didn't really know much about them then. Anyways moving along while I was locked up new people would come in and some would talk about dabs and all the new stuff happening out there. Was able to smoke bud from time to time, even tried moonrocks locked up but never dabs. So now I'm home maybe a couple weeks I had smoked little bit of bud but not very much and had tried and sortve liked those cart things (if I could figure them thangs out they're weird,took some time but I got em down) but either way had to be careful cuz when I'd smoke I'd get fucked up at times drunk couldn't walk and shit just like when I was a kid, other times I'd be like frozen and I'd have these strange psychedelic trips but couldn't remember most of them. So I'm hanging out at this party spot and this chick is there she had left her boyfriend of 10yrs and was ready to wyle out. Good for me right cuz I was smashing every piece of ass that came my way and she was locked in so to speak lol. I'm bullshitting with her and another guy she is telling him she is ready to party he says I got some dabs u want some she is like yeeesssss she says to me c'mon let's do some dabs. I was like oh shit idk everyone I talked to says don't do if u have no tolerance they are intense, so I will do a little I'm telling you it's gonna fuck me up. They showed me what to do via nectar collector he says now just keep going till I say stop so I did and when I exhaled I started coughing I was like whoa man that was great, good now it's time u gotta do another one I was like no way I am good I'm almost too stoned or stoned stupid is what I like to call it. He says nobody does just one dab noone the chick looks at me and says yes c'mon do one more. So I agree I rip it and instantly was like oh no this is way way worse wtf lu night is fucked. I had lost the ability to articulate a sentence really I couldn't say too much after couple hrs of that I was able to get it together a little more but still was just borderline retarded I was like that for 5 hrs.atleast. It was too much if I tired to talk I'd just laugh and smile I liked it but was still not ready for dab never in my life could I not handle weed or other substances still I knew better than to just drive in like that worked my way to dabs now I smoke too much if you ask my ol'lady.

  19. I can tell you the yocan uni pro holds carts up to 14mm and height isn’t an issue for any as it adjusts, I’d say if any carts wouldn’t work with with the uni pro it’d be certified carts. I think it’ll work with about anything else

  20. I have a uni pro certified carts work great just finished cherry pie. Only 510 that are specialty are the aero you out need special battery for those and they are worth it too I like them alot.

  21. Review GG#4 I was surprised with this from harvest I've only had romwidow and it was dry but not bad helped alot with back pain. But this on the other hand tasted great very green and skunky taste. It raised my mood and energized me as well. Sticky like it should be nice and moist perfect if u ask me. The guy at harvest recommended and he is kinda my buddy we always chop it up some but he never steers me wrong I almost got pirate breath he said too dry and it just ain't it try the GG GLAD I DID!! Def will but again kinda like to try the apple fritter and space gello both have reviews well with others at the dispo.

  22. No worries it just oxidation from sitting in the cart it's totally fine.

  23. I used to have a bamboo steam roller it hit great miss that thing it was like 18in. Screwed a metal by bowl in n it and she ripped.

  24. I can say I recently tried rso and feco both very strong and def work don't take much for sure I ate some and vaped most of it. Now eating it was ok but I'd put some in my banger hr before bed and sleep so so nice and my arthritis was almost non-existent.

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