NFT sales hit 12-month low after cryptocurrency crash

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  1. Remember, it was only days prior to her testimony that Hutchinson fired her Trump lawyer. So no, they probably didn’t get the same information that she testified to at the Commission hearing.

  2. Which makes sense. Her new lawyer knew that getting her in front of the cameras, asap, was the best bet.

  3. SPAR Urethane. Base coat using a brush then two coats of spray after a good sanding.

  4. What kind of sprayer would one use for something like this?

  5. I hate using my sprayer. SPAR urethane comes in a spray can now! Since it was.the final coats, thin sprays were perfect.

  6. Awesome. Thanks a bunch for responding. I actually have an almost identical bench waiting for a restoration at the moment. Your final look is pretty much spot on for what I’m aiming for.

  7. I don't understand the joke, can you explain it to me?

  8. Well, you know how no one really likes potato salad…

  9. It was a blanket term, but it was the easiest way I could think of relaying diffence in military approaches. Obviously outside of Vietnam no ones literally doing that in modern time. If veitnam is still even considered modern. But I'd consider blending in with civilians, ambushing in cities among civilians guerilla tactics. It's not something the U.S. has to do.

  10. So, why can’t you just drop something and swim the opposite direction it falls?

  11. This is a great question, it makes perfect, logical sense above water. However, once in the water, there are many reasons you wouldn't, couldn't, or shouldn't do that.

  12. Thank you for the explanation. It’s great and answered my question and then some. Much appreciated.

  13. For what its worth, it's not very useful to just respond with a "do your own research" kind of response. I know about NFTs, crypto etc, I have looked into it quite a lot.

  14. My response is what it is because almost everyone who asks about it is just feigning interest in an attempt to start a disingenuous conversation. Just look at the response on Reddit any time an NFT is brought up, people with absolutely no idea about it are conditioned to immediately scoff. I was one before I spent hundreds of hours reading about them and everything else going on.

  15. For someone that's spent so much time reading about them, you sure aren't able to explain anything about why they're "the future".

  16. This is exactly my point. I’ve explained why there’s no point and you don’t even bother responding to that. It’s useless trying to have a conversation with someone who doesn’t approach the conversation from a neutral stance. You’re out to fight so you’re purposefully ignorant. There’s no gain for me here, it’s not like you’re even going to be an engaging conversationalist.

  17. 1 sheet of 1/2 inch plywood is $140 where I live. A gallon of white paint is $50 if you can find it anywhere and I would have used KILZ 3 primer if anything that could spill was going under there so there's another $15. $60 worth of 2x2s Probably $20 on dowels $8 for wood filler $10 for caulking $6 for a box of screws $4 for masking tape A roll of plastic drop cloth is about $5

  18. Jesus. Last weekend I picked up two 3/4 full sheets of nice Birch plywood for just a little over 160. And you’re saying 1/2 near you is $140 a sheet!?

  19. It sounds a bit harsh, but I’m with you. And I’m mainly worried about the safety implications.

  20. Chipped and shredded cedar is also used for animal bedding; it could be sold in bags for that.

  21. This is the way to go in my opinion. The entire business is basically set up already, you just have to establish an online storefront and package some chips.

  22. But, he was fucking riddled with bullets. There’s no reason to cuff an obliterated body.

  23. “One of” and “recent history” is almost sure fire going to be the case. Highly doubt its as bad as 2008 but it’s already as bad or worse than any other economic moment in the past 30 years IMO (dot com, 9/11 wars, middling gdp growth during much of late 2000s, etc)

  24. Looking for an honest answer here. All of you guys who don’t think this is going to be that bad, what did you think 6 months or a year ago? Because this was called for then, for good reason, and the tone of this sub was always “nope”. Now we’re crashing and this sub is “nope”.

  25. I’ve no idea what they took issue with, but I find it hilarious that anyone would look at “Meta” on a resume and think “oh I want to headhunt that guy”. At some point, we will all collectively buck Zuck and co and people with attachments won’t be viewed as the forward thinking elite of the workforce.

  26. What’s on the other side? Are there wires in that wall? Is there an upstairs? Is the building copper or aluminum? Do I really need to tell you how fires start? Add fuel if you’d like. But just make sure your renters insurance is all paid up in case something goes wrong.

  27. I don’t see how storing paper towels on the top of a capped wall like that would be any different that storing them on a shelf.

  28. When something is burning, which way do flames go? Up, right? Well, that ceiling there doesn’t like being burned, and it’ll burn much quicker with a bunch of paper towels there feeding flames. On a shelf, when the fire is burning, it would have to grow large enough to travel up a wall to start damaging the ceiling above. When fires start collapsing ceilings, they tend to get bad quickly.

  29. So, shelves are often quite high, like ceiling height once you place shit on them, especially shelves for storing things. We both know the way you’re being right now and it’s a bit childish. My point stands. There’s nothing inherently wrong with shelving paper goods up high and there’s nothing different about placing them on that wall. It’s the same.

  30. Did you really just say "how would giving more power to the players be a bad thing?" The company slogan? Buddy, I really want to be nice but it's almost impossible not to see this whole movement as a cult when you guys speak like this.

  31. What’s sad is that you all jump to these conclusions but absolutely refuse to look at the immense evidence. And then the fact that there’s no counter evidence? All you guys have is petty insults while we’re just chill. You’ll figure it out in time.

  32. You're a fucking caricature. Have fun holding 🥰🥰🥰

  33. It’s weird that it bothers you so much that there’s a fervent following for a company and it’s stock. With literally any other company that alone would be forever bullish, by definition. But you’re so duped by everything that you don’t see that reality.

  34. The sad reality is that just over the last decade it has 100% shifted, for most of us, to being much more fearful of a cop randomly killing us than any rando doing so.

  35. Just waiting for SCOTUS to eliminate child labor laws so that we all have to send our 7-year-olds back into the mines.

  36. Have to? Lol. They’ll try to spin it as a positive. ‘Look, the economy is shit and 2 incomes isn’t enough, therefor we’re lifting the bs labor laws so you’re children can help contribute to the household.’ Just wait for it.

  37. Short answer? No one knows, but it gets the people going.

  38. So, what I’ve gathered is that was just one guy saying something to that effect. No idea if it actually holds any water. My time at superstonk has taught me that we can find connections in literally anything we look at hard enough. Also, a lot of bad actors try their damndest to come across as “good guys”, especially those in positions of power or power users who build themselves a kind of following of respect. Then when they start actual fud, they have immediate backup from their loyal followers. Happens with the mods over there for sure.

  39. Then you have to move to a city, rent an apartment, and spend a ton of money.

  40. It hits differently when you imagine the workers in this video as young guys just trying to find a way out of destitution, as opposed to what so many of us have been told(?) that they’re they’re making absolute bank and wouldn’t want a different job.

  41. If they're 20 years old and making 80k+ I wouldn't consider them destitute by any means

  42. No, they were destitute and took a very dangerous job that pays pittance for the work and danger involved. To try to get out of the being broke as fuck.

  43. What’s the term for the technique on the face of that first piece?

  44. If only some of the superstonk mods weren’t so heavy handed with shit. I honestly hadn’t seen much about BBBY and the link until just the other day. Bought XXX, saw the market this morning and doubled that. There are a ton of us out there who have yet to find BBBY, but we will.

  45. I feel like that has to do with the culture and much less to do with the car (though that's hard to separate with jeeps lol)

  46. I’ve never met someone who drove a Jeep because it was capable, I’ve only ever personally known people to drive them because of, like you said, the culture. They want to be seen as Jeep people.

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