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  2. P. S: this ain't a westoid bad meme. I loooooove westoids (don't ban me 🥺)

  3. Eh, when San Francisco's population is lower than it was in the 1950's, its not a people moving there issue, it's a housing issue.


  5. wow, that -7% in 2021 is related to people leaving big cities during covid or what?

  6. Probably not just covid but the introduction of remote work.

  7. Long Island. Goes to school in Boston. Family in Florida. Minor trips to upstate.

  8. That's just being pedantic at this point, I know it's not, but we don't have a real category for it, and tbf White & Mestizo Mexicans have a lot more in common than White Cuban Americans o.

  9. I would guess you could also use this map to gauge your chances of finding decent Mexican food.

  10. I believe that ohio is 1.8% as much as I believe in Santa Claus.

  11. Not all Hispanics are Mexican, Ohio has plenty of other types of Hispanic people. Stop assuming.

  12. Considering Spain is a discount holiday spot for Northern European Tourists, kind of.

  13. I mean no shame in asking a question, the guy's just curious, and may have never been introduced to a situation like this. It's better to ask than to go on judging homeless people.

  14. Hey guys! I made this for a high school data science project. Any feedback would be appreciated. If you would like, you can play around with the dashboard here. As of now, it only works on a laptop or PC and may run slowly.

  15. This is Amazing, especially for someone in high school. Do you have an open-source repo?

  16. can't be we without the authority of the general's

  17. My girlfriend beats me too. It’s called being progressive and woke.

  18. You're getting it for free, some people pay thousands of dollars for it for just a few hours.

  19. I would have never thought GM engineers would think that through.

  20. Would love to know where the Cuban passport ranks amongst the worst. I would imagine the number of countries one can access without a visa is 0. Its also very expensive to renew and expires in just 2 years

  21. Cubans are very welcome in many countries. Their doctors are world renowned and have helped many developing countries.

  22. Its just punjabis honestly. They think a visa to canada makes them white

  23. That hill is probably the highest elevation point in the region

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