Finally engaged!

I'm in this with you.

When you follow your heart, love is the answer

I needed this today

  1. This is absolutely how to start the weekend. I agree 100%.

  2. Sick hoot man I saw this on a different sub earlier and I was like holy shit this is something I’d do but you had double in your bowl then I could ever even imagine hitting 🤣

  3. Haven't seen you in a while..I always stop my scrolling to watch u rip the bong! Stay lifted my friend!

  4. when people get toxic I take a small break to avoid flooding <3 will always be back tho cuz honestly don't care how the bozos feel. but with that said stay medicated my friend and thank you for the encouragement

  5. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge! I appreciate you taking the time.

  6. Can someone enlighten this dab-noob? What should I know about "banger chazzing?" Please keep in mind I am ancient (54) and currently using a Utillian 5 coil vap to dab shatter. At least, I think that is how to describe my setup. Also, what are the basic different forms of thc that people dab? I've bought something called shatter that is like very hard caramel. It looks like glass. But I also bought something that looks more like a crystalized honey in a tiny jar. As you can tell, I have more money than brains. So, I just buy stuff and then try to figure out what I'm doing. Basically, I am always chasing a bigger, deeper high. Flower and vape pens don't do it for me anymore.

  7. So I had no intentions of explaining anything to anyone but you seems like you would actually take the knowledge and run with it. Your set up is fine only someone with that same coil ect would be able to argue differently. personally not a huge can of coils or pens but if you can replace you coil for a decent price I see no harm.

  8. i’m about to get my first dab rig so i’m curious, what does chazzing the banger consist of?

  9. just look at the meme my dawg your banger should never be black or cloudy

  10. I offered 100k to anyone that would help me, I got someone within 5 minutes. Be careful of scammers though, make sure they complete their part of the quest before accepting any trades

  11. Go to the most populated worlds if you haven't. That's were I finally got it done. Didn't have any luck with the chat after a couple nights trying but some randos were more than willing to.

  12. I miss my zong it was stolen before I moved a few years ago and I know who did it too. Shane give me back my zong and that twenty you owe me.

  13. Welcome, anytime bro, i used to have a bong it was the upper part of a lady, i called her tits, lol, my favorite one ever, but i lost it in one of my moves, honestly i thing someone stole it, i was so pissed

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