1. I bought it on PS5, so far its been okay. 🤷‍♂️

  2. Well this mostly all sounds horrible. Will take a wait and see approach but this sounds like a live service game and maybe it's just me but I like that Rockstar offended everyone equally. They didn't knee toe to the political correctness. Shame.

  3. Well that's cause gog mostly sells keys. Not a launcher system.

  4. Gog does not sell keys. You are thinking of a different site.

  5. Although that's great news it's also a bit concerning if it's just a re-release and nothing else. The game was available for free as abandonware for a very long time, with a community patch allowing it to work swimmingly on modern PCs.

  6. Yea but abandonware isn't really legal or a legal term... so it's not really concerning. I'm not saying its wrong to go that route if there is no way to legally buy it but now there is.

  7. For me the keyboard do not auto pop up either when I had to enter name in the beginning... that itself would make it playable and not verified.

  8. Hello fellow person from Delaware, just over the Kent/ Sussex County line here. Glad you got your starlink, I've had mine for a few months now.

  9. I figured it out, loadorder.txt and plugins.txt have to go into a very well hidden folder. Not just the 489830 folder. Specifically the path is steam/library/steam apps/compdata/489830/pfx/drive_c/users/steamuser/Local_settings/application_data/skyrim_special_edition

  10. Yes that is the correct folder. That's the windows equivalent location for proton enabled games.

  11. Great post, assuming it will work on steamdeck I mean it should theoretically. Have you got your deck yet and tried it modded? How is performance with mods, can you run enb and mods requiring skse properly? I have not seen anyone play heavily modded skyrim on the deck yet?

  12. Yep. I don't really do heavy graphics mods, but performance was fine. I'm playing maxed out @ 30 FPS (mainly to save on battery). The only issue I had was SKSE has issues in game mode. It's gets stuck in the terminal window for SKSE rather then switching to game window. Solution is to switch to desktop mode and launch from there. Less convenient but it works.

  13. Can’t you just do this on your phone with steam link and a razer kishi tho?

  14. As someone that has done streaming and owns a steam deck, deck is 100X better experience.

  15. Is this where the shader cache stuff is held? I would assume it would be a heck of a lot easier to delete it all and let them re-download for what you have installed. There needs to be a guide on what is safe to delete for those of us with 64gb internals... Honestly steam should be doing cleanup itself too.

  16. Deleting these folders will delete everything, including saves and graphic settings... so you will have to set them all up again.

  17. Tried both. Whilst I can install and run on both I still didn't manage any cloud saves retrieval.

  18. I installed GOG Galaxy though steam via proton and it worked fairly well. Only issues I seen was steam overlay blocked Galaxy overlay from working and I had to switch from web browser controller to use Galaxy to Gamepad when in game as Galaxy has no controller support. But I had it all set up with icons and everything.

  19. I don’t see the point of only doing that other than just being lazy by the thought of extra tinkering. Some unsupported games that I have played just needed Proton GE. It takes less than a couple minutes to install and can be used in all games as a compatibility tool. I just go by whatever I want to play. I played the entirety of Arkham Knight and Danganronpa V3 which are both unsupported games. Monster Hunter Rise is unknown but works without doing anything. GW2 isn’t available on Steam, but I played the entire story of the current expansion. If there is a game you want to play that isn’t verified, just do a bit of research. I doubt the amount of hours you will get playing the game will be less than the amount of time you put getting it to run. I just see it as needlessly limiting yourself.

  20. Not OP but I have the deck and am kind of dumb to the concept of linux and proton. What's Proton GE? (If you dont mind me asking)

  21. Proton GE is a community fork of Proton. So essentially they took Proton, bundled some fixes that Valve can't include for legal reasons and some other fixes. This will allow some games to work that are currently not functional.

  22. Seriously WTF? It's moments like this that we know society has officially gone to hell. So stupid.

  23. I went in expecting to hate SNW, as I am not a fan of Discovery at all, and found Picard not to be much better but I was surprised by how much I liked the first episode. This actually feels more like Star Trek of old, and I hope they can keep that up.

  24. Just for ease of use, I rebought many games on Steam just for the Steam Deck after being a big GOG supporter for years. To each their own.

  25. I'm having this issue too. Exclusive fullscreen vs. borderless did not solve the issue for me... I assume there's some way to force SKSE to start silently, but I haven't found it yet. Let me know if you ever found a solution to this.

  26. The new window switching feature should solve this. Haven't had time to test though. I'm going to test tonight or tomorrow but if you test let me know how it goes.

  27. GTA 5 runs great on Expermental Proton which I believe Valve defaults too because that's what they tested on for that game. I pretty much have everything maxed capped at 30 FPS.

  28. That's because of SKSE, I posted this issue a few days ago. While in game mode, it doesn't switch to the game. The deck doesn't know what window to show.

  29. Got mine on Friday, 512 GB model. I absolutely love it. No issues over here for the most part. Playing GTA 5 or RD2 from my nice comfy chair is the best feeling ever. This is by far my preferred way to play games now.

  30. Wow, that really makes me feel better! I am SO glad you are enjoying it! Heh, your comment alone has lifted my spirits. Thanks so much!

  31. You just got to take a few steps when you first get it. I turned on developer mode and turned off the wifi power saving feature as this caused some issues on 5Ghz network. I also switched to Expermental by default for all games, as some games like GTA 5 work better on Expermental. If the game is verified it should use whatever proton version it was tested on by default, even if you got Expermental set. So for untested or playable games having Expermental set is probably going to be better in most cases.

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