1. Could the fucking refs not make this game about them?

  2. “Safety concerns over Russia's anti-LGBTQ "propaganda" law are behind the team decision not to wear the jerseys, sources say. I'm told this was an organizational decision, and didn't come from the players. The Blackhawks called all their "community partners" that are going to be a part of Pride night, and while there was obvious disappointment in the decision not to have (let?) the players wear the Pride jerseys, they all "understand," per team sources. Nikita Zaitsev, Philipp Kurashev and Anton Khudobin all have Russian heritage, so the team's security officials made the call. I don't know if there was any pushback from players. I hope there was.”

  3. The players or the teams? No one will care about Russia's team. Now let's check NHL player rosters...

  4. Good luck with the NHL banning players. There’s a good amount of Russians in the league.

  5. Does this include the NHL?

  6. Did Ben Meyer fall off a cliff? Has he just been non-existent?

  7. How has Chucky been? Haven't heard much about him since he signed his deal.

  8. He’s been in the AHL. 33 points in 38 games for the Eagles. No NHL points yet.

  9. That’s just a piece of paper. Send it to me and I’ll recycle it for you.

  10. A Canadian?! He’ll replace all the soft drinks with maple syrup and let moose graze on the field!

  11. I think it’s like the Broncos pre Cubs World Series

  12. Mike, this feeling that you're having, this is called "success."

  13. Same reason Columbus, Chicago and Anaheim aren’t

  14. I cant wait to pay $300 for a jersey that will 1) come misspelled, 2) come with the wrong logo, 3) come with the wrong number, 4) completely disintegrate after a month of normal wear. (Pick your poison)

  15. I thought it ment the movement on a fastball? am i wrong?

  16. Oh it means that but the title made us all think of something else it also means too.

  17. I’m sorry Mr. Trout. Trea Turner might be Captain America.

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