1. I have the exact same thing recently happen to my X100V it's currently at Fuji repair facility. I haven't heard back from them yet. I didn't drop it or handle it poorly I don't even realize when it happened. Pretty dissatisfied. I tried to see if I could pop it out myself but that didn't work and I wouldn't recommend that either.

  2. Thats what i thought. Besides color, are there any other details i should give the spray tech?

  3. I would ask him if he does any different kind of textures so you can pick the one you like.

  4. Ok Will the plugs that go into the drain holes still be functional?

  5. Yes those will all be functional. Any plugs and hardware should be removed before spraying.

  6. I have one of those of Brandon Inge around the house somewhere

  7. Little Sable Lighthouse, Michigan

  8. I thought Kenny Baugh was going to be great!

  9. Antonio Brown being special. Watched all of his college games. Or saying before the 2012 draft that Russell Wilson was the best QB in the draft.

  10. Has to be Mike Williams. Just a disaster you could see from a mile away.

  11. I have A Super Earth hanging up in my bedroom!

  12. From bottom to face, are they;

  13. No idea we just took some tires from a guy we know to build it.

  14. Lovely! I love my Basset Hound such a sweet caring breed.

  15. Awesome! I also have a Basset Hound!

  16. Sweet! I just traded my whole Nikon D800 system in and got a XT-2! Just arrived yesterday!

  17. I'm very happy for him. I lost one of my best friends last week from cancer just two weeks from the diagnosis. I wish he was able to accomplish one of his wishes before cancer took him.

  18. Mason Rudolph will be far and away the best quarterback from this draft.

  19. 10/10 for not including yourself in the reflection.

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