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  1. Why would I ever pay for piracy? What a stupid idea. If I am going to pay for the games then I will pay the creators of the game not a hacker.

  2. You are comparing 1$ to 70$. Crackers invest a lot of time in this for free, it's nice to show some appreciation.

  3. Sheesh...WTF. Piracy is not always about getting free shit, sometimes it's a middle finger to pricks like these.

  4. Why pre order at all, it's not like it will be out of stock. Wait for the release and the reviews and make an informed purchase.

  5. For me Elamigos then Dodi followed by Fitgirl.

  6. I don't know about the atlus one...can you tell more about that.

  7. PC, RDR 2. Love the world building and story.

  8. It's hilarious how Epic launcher still takes 2 mins to open.

  9. How do these people even get hired ? They are clearly not qualified for the job.

  10. Knowledge aside, they don't even have passable grammar. "supportable"

  11. I don't mind their broken english as long as they are able to convey the message to the end user but a tech support is supposed to provide "tech support" which is clearly not the case here and that ticks me off.

  12. What if you have a rgb mouse pad ?

  13. Welp, the 8 on my numpad isn't glowing. I read a lot of good reviews about this keyboard and got it, seems it was all a sham. The keyboard itself works fine though and the typing experience has been good.

  14. same here, saw many good reviews on amazon and videos on YouTube. besides that i used redgear gamepad and liked it. so i had high hopes for this one too but i regret buy this now

  15. Worst of all they discontinued the production of this keyboard so can't even claim warranty and get a replacement. They force a different keyboard down your throat if you try to do so and that keyboard is a downgrade compared to shadow blade.

  16. Dodi is usually trash. Even using a VPN and redirection blocker set to the strictest settings and it still redirects to random virus filled sites or disgusting porn.

  17. Ever heard of ad blockers and url skippers. Dodi is literally one of the best and most reliable repackers with really fast install speeds.

  18. You need to masturbate. Post nut clarity is your only hope.

  19. iโ€™m still madly confused I downloaded all the drivers on a usb stick but now how do i install them exactly

  20. Just plug in the usb into your PC, open its contents using file explorer...locate the drivers then just double click to install. Restart after installation and you should be good to go.

  21. The same way you would on a pc using a browser, then just transfer the files from your phone to your pc via a data cable.

  22. Just trying to be optimistic, I mean she did crack Denuvo v16 combined with various other drms.

  23. Why is everyone seemingly worshipping this person? I just discovered this sub a few days ago and honestly itโ€™s kind of creeping me out, it seems a bit culty.

  24. She is the sole Denuvo cracker, without her we won't get any cracks for AAA games like Far cry 6, AC valhalla and upcoming games like Hogwarts Legacy etc. Recently there were complications with Denuvo V16 and she seemed unsure whether she can crack stuff anymore, This is a comeback post so people are just happy and being supportive... nothing culty about that. She also has an eccentric personality and has been bashed by the community for her views in the past so yeah far from being worshipped.

  25. I want the game as it is the sequel to one of the best stealth games that I have ever played and I want to try it out.

  26. Don't pretend every one is okay with her use of slurs though. It undermines her, her efforts, and her image no matter how justified her criticisms of the companies are.

  27. I wasn't talking about the slurs rather the underlying message, usually her nfo's are sexist or racist rants.

  28. It's cute when Americans discover the rest of the world doesn't constantly micromanage their language lol

  29. Watch motivational video and make it a million

  30. Invest in laxmi chit fund and wait 25 days for it to get doubled.

  31. The .nfo is insane. Fuck DENUVO, Fuck Warner bros, FUCK DRM. We'll be getting cracks within 10 days. That is crazy. All hail to Empress. The fight has just got intense.

  32. Haha. U sound like my old friend. We used to recreate such gem dialogues ๐Ÿ˜Œ

  33. That movie has a plethora of such dialogues that fit into so many situations and just lighten up the mood.

  34. Laxmi Hardrive fund, 25 din mein capacity double.

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